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27 July 2011

Russell Grant a Grantee

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It appears that the TV astrologer, Russell Grant, is a Grantee of Arms from the College of Arms, London.   Russell has his own web page on the topic here.

I plan to add his Arms to my Grant Armorial in due course.  From his website I have had a go at emblazoning his Arms as below:

Arms of Russell Grant - 1st attempt

To be absolutely sure I will need to have the actual blazon from the Letters Patent.  I’ve dropped Russell’s “team” a line and await a reply. Failing that, I will have to try other avenues.


My initial stab at the blazon is:

Azure two seaxes in saltire pommelled and hilted Or between four estoiles two in fess of the last and two in pale Argent.

I am sure some of my fellow heraldry enthusiasts can correct me.

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