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27 January 2011

Rigbye of Harrock Hall – Part 2

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The National Archives have this potted history:

“The Rigbye’s estate included a share in Wrightington Manor, and properties in Parbold and Wrightington, as well as other properties in Windle, Rainford and Euxton. There are other early deeds in this collection which relate to lands in Wigan, Eccleston, Heskin and elsewhere, but these properties were not part of the Harrock estate in 1775.
The Harrock estate descended in the male line of the Rigbye family until 1775. The head of the family always bore the name of Nicholas, until the last Nicholas died without heirs in 1754 and the estate passed to his brother Thomas, who also died without heirs in 1775. By his will (DDX 877 4/1(1)), Thomas Rigbye devised his estate to his sister Eleanor for life, and then to his nephew, the Rev. John Baldwin, rector of North Meols, who was the son of the Rev. Thomas Baldwin of Leyland by Thomas Rigbye’s sister Anne. John Baldwin succeeded in 1787, took the name and arms of Rigbye, and resided at Harrock Hall. At his death, in 1793, he left his Cheshire estates to his eldest son Thomas and the Harrock estate to his third son, the Rev. Rigbye Baldwin who then became the Rev. Rigbye Rigbye. In 1829, the latter was succeeded by his eldest son, Rigbye Baldwin Rigbye.
Between 1818 and 1838, a series of increasingly heavy mortgages was placed upon the estate. In about 1839, Thomas Morris, as mortgagee, under a power of sale, sold the Harrock estate to Richard Boulton of Green Bank within Henllam co. Denbeigh, Wales. About this time, an Abstract of Title of Rigbye Baldwin Rigbye to the estate, and also the Schedule of Deeds already mentioned, were drawn up, and the documents as a whole were presumably handed over to the purchaser. In 1894, according to the Victoria County History Vol.VI, the estate was owned by Arthur Ramsden Boulton, probably a descendent, possibly a son, of Richard Boulton. But at the time the Victoria County History was written, (1911), Mr. Gerard Dicconson was the owner of Harrock.”

When the Rev John Rigbye (formerly Baldwin) died it required a second Royal Licence for his son Rigbye Baldwin to take the Name and Arms of Rigbye to become Rigbye Rigbye (d.1827).

The details of the two RLs are noted in the Harleian Society’s Grantees of Arms as:

Rigby late Baldwin, of co. Lanc., [1787] Vol. XVI, fol.297.

Rigby late Baldwin, of co. Lanc., [1796] Vol. XIX, fol.264.

The second RL was also signed by  Isaac Heard, Garter and George Harrison, Norroy.  It was dated 16th June 1896 and it recently sold on eBay for £310.

Royal Licence Armorial for Baldwin/Rigbye

19 January 2011

John Rigbye – Royal Licence 1787

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Another heraldic treat on eBay.  The Letters Patent for the Rev John Baldwin of Harrock Hall granting authority for him to “assume and take the surname and bear the Arms of Rigbye only” in compliance with the Will of Thomas Rigbye late of Harrock Hall.  It is dated 15th September 1787 and signed by Isaac Heard, Garter and George Harrison, Norroy.

Arms: Argent on a cross flory Azure five mullets Or.

Crest: On a wreath a goat’s head erased Sable armed gold.

Photographs courtesy of the vendor, Lee Burgess (diggerlee).

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