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29 July 2017

Livery Button: Burdett of Burthwaite

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eBay vendor dellyboot61 is offering for sale a livery button with a martlet on top of a tower.


A trawl through Fairbairn’s Book of Crests finds Plate 156.9 and a list of possible armigers;


Upon reflection, given the wealth & status associated with it, I think that the Burdett’s of Burthwaite are the most likely candidates for this livery button.

24 February 2012

Livery Button: Geddes of Rachan

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eBay has this livery button which could be Geddes of Rachan

The Arms for Geddes of Rachan are:

Gules an escutcheon Argent between three pike-heads (or geds’ heads) couped Or.


A pike’s head couped proper.


Capta Majora (Employed in Greater Things)

19 May 2011

Buchanan of Dunburgh – Livery Button

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Currently on sale at eBay but listed as unknown (ends 23rd May – vendor brownlow3997);

Buchanan of Dunburgh

Arms—Or a lion rampant Sable between two otters’ heads erased in chief proper and a cinquefoil in base of the second all within the Royal tressure of the last.

CrestAn armed dexter hand holding a cap of dignity purpure facing ermine.

Supporters-Dexter, a falcon wings elevated and addorsed proper belled beaked and charged on the breast with two branches of laurel conjoined Or; Sinister a gryphon Sable charged in like manner with two branches of laurel.

Motto-Nunguam victus (‘Never conquered’).

Impaling (my thanks to Arthur Radburn)

Sable two bars ermine in chief three crosses patty (Bathurst)

The sinister Arms do not seem to match any that I could find associated with the maiden names of baronets’ wives.  However, with the Bathurst connection it seems to be the son of:

1st Baronet: The Rt Hon Sir Andrew Buchanan GCB (1807-1882). Created Baronet in 1878.  He married firstly 4 April 1839, Frances Katharine Mellish (she died in 1857).  He married secondly 27 May 1857, Hon. Georgina Elizabeth Stuart (d. 21 March 1904), daughter of 11th Lord Blantyre.

4th son: Rt Hon Sir George William (Rt Hon Sir), P.C. (1910), G.C.B. (1915), G.C.M.G. (1913), G.C.V.O. (1909), (b.1854 d.1924) Maried Lady Georgina Meriel Bathurst, daughter of the 6th Earl Bathurst .

Sir George, as a Grand Cross, would have been entitled to suppporters.  However, I am puzzled by the small escutcheon in the dexter chief.  I took that to be the insignia of a baronet.  An error by the button maker perhaps?

28 April 2011

Bryan – Livery button

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After a bit of a hiatus from browsing eBay the following livery button caught my eye:

Looking at the three piles my initial thought was “Anstruther” until I noticed the piles were Gules rather than Sable.  My blazon:

Arms: Argent three pile meeting in point Gules

Crest: Issuing out of a cloud a naked dexter arm embowed the hand holding a dagger

The identification is by no means straightforward.  The Arms match those for Wishart but not the Crest.  The Arms also appear in the 2nd quarter for a number of O’Briens Arms, in one instance, the O’Brien of Blatherwycke, the Crest also matches.  The closest fit,so far, is for William Bryan, Deputy Ulster King of Arms in 1766.  The blazon in BGA does not include the piles meeting in point but the Crest does tie in.

A bit more research is required, if time permits.

Image courtesy of the vendor, hantsreg

5 March 2011

Rev Thomas Miller DD of Cumnock – Livery button

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This is the livery button of the Rev Thomas Miller DD of Cumnock, Scotland as recorded in the Lyon Register in 1814.

Arms: Sable a cross Moline Argent a chief of the last.

Crest: A dexter hand with the first and second fingers pointing upwards proper.

Motto: Spei bonae atque animi (Of good hope and courage).


Image courtesy of the vendor, hantsreg

25 February 2011

Harpur Crewe – More Livery buttons

The Harpur-Crewe baronets seem to be a source of at least three different sets of livery buttons.  In addition to that of Vauncey Harpur-Crewe (see earlier entry) there are two more on sale at eBay:

Image courtesy of the vendor, jibajaba.

Image courtesy of the vendor, hantsreg

These two button both display the Arms & Crests for Harpur-Crewe along with the baronet’s “Red Hand of Ulster” insignia and also the motto “Degeneranti Genus Opprobrium ”  (Lineage becomes a disgrace to the man who degenerates from it).

The top button also displays the wife’s Arms of:

Gules three bars embattled counter embattled.

So far I have been unable to find Arms of that blazon associated with the various wives.  The 4th baronet married Catherine Crewe, daughter and co-heir to Thomas Crewe, 2nd Baron of Crewe of  Stene around 1709.  The subsequent baronets married:

5th – Caroline Manners, daughter of the Duke of Rutland.

6th – Frances Elizabeth Greville, daughter of Earl of Brooke & Earl of Warwick.

7th – Anne Hawkins.

8th – Jane Whitaker, daughter of the Rev Thomas Whitaker.

9th – Georgiana Jane Henrietta Eliza Lovell, daughter of Vice Admiral William Stanhope Lovell.

10th – Isabel Adderley daughter of Charles Bowyer Adderley, 1st Baron Norton.

24 February 2011

Harpur Crewe – Livery button

An interesting livery button is listed on eBay.  Not only has it impaled Arms but three crests.

This appears to be the livery button of Vauncey Harpur-Crewe who married in 1846 the Hon Isabel Adderley daughter of Charles Bowyer Adderley, 1st Baron Norton.  Upon the death of his father in 1886 Vauncey Harpur-Crewe became the 10th Harpur-Crewe Baronet of Calke Abbey.


Quarterly 1st & 4th Azure a lion rampant (for Crewe) 2nd & 3rd Argent a lion rampant within a bordure engrailed Sable (Harpur)
Argent on a bend Azure three mascles of the field (for Adderley)


Left: Out of a ducal coronet Or a lion’s gamb Argent armed gules (Crewe)

Centre: Not identified

Right: A boar passant Or ducally gorged and crined Gules (Harpur)

I have had no joy so far in identifying the middle crest.  Since it has a cross I am wondering if it is some reference to Calke Abbey.

Image courtesy of the vendor, jibajaba.


My thanks again to Arthur Radburn over at the HSS. He found reference to:

The first of the family to be knighted apparently was Sir Robert le Harpur (seventh generation), son of Gilbert le Harpur and his wife Isolda (Morton) le Harpur. Sir Robert lived in the time of Edward II (1284-1327) and bore for his arms a plain cross, and the same for his crest, issuing out of a coronet.

So perhaps the middle crest is a reference to the ancient Harpur crest?

15 February 2011

Yuille of Darleith – Livery Button

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The sale of 2,000 plus livery buttons over the next 12 months has started on eBay. The buttons are from the J R Gaunt & Son Ltd pattern book archives circa 1820-1920. The buttons have been in the possession of the Royal Military Museum at Sandhurst from the 1950″s and the National Army Museum since 1960.

Amongst the current batch on sale is one bearing the Arms of Yuille of Darleith viz:

Arms: Argent on a fess between three crescents Sable a garb Or banded Gules.

Crest: An ear of wheat proper.

Motto: Numine et virtute

Yule/Yuille Armorial

Image courtesy of the vendor, hantsreg

11 February 2011

Sibthorp of Canwick – Lady’s Livery Button

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Currently on offer at eBay is a livery button of a lady;

Livery button

Livery button of Mary Esther Sibthorpe?

The blazon:

Quarterly 1st & 4th Argent two bars Gules within a bordure Sable (for Sibthorp) 2nd Or a bend Azure between three leopards’ faces Gules (for Waldo) 4th Gules a chevron Or between three eagles’ heads erased Argent (for Ellison)

My educated guess is that the button may have belonged to Mary Esther Sibthorp.  She was the daughter of Humphrey Sibthorp and Susannah Ellison.

My thanks to Arthur Radburn over at the Heraldry Society of Scotland’s forum who tracked down the Ellison blazon.

Image courtesy of the vendor, jibajaba.

9 February 2011

Kerr – Livery Button

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From eBay, another example of heraldry “in action”, the livery button.  This one displays the Arms of Kerr of Ferniehurst – Gules on a chevron Argent three mullets (Gules), Crest: The sun in splendour.

Ker & Kerr Online Armorial

Image courtesy of the vendor, t.jay123

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