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19 June 2022

Royal Licence: Charles Wybrants Higginbotham 1900

Dominic Winter Auctions recently sold for £420 the Irish 1900 Royal Licence for Charles Wybrants Higginbotham to take the Name and Arms of Wybrants in addition to & after that of Higginbotham. Charles Wybrants Higginbotham, later Charles Wybrants Higginbotham-Wybrants was born in 1858 and died 23rd November 1922.

The volumes of the Grants and Confirmations of Arms by Ulster King of Arms are available online at the national Library of Ireland (NLI). The entry for the above is in Volume “J” pages 62-63. Image 129

Arms: Quarterly 1st & 4th Per pale Gules and Azure in the dexter side an eagle’s leg cojoined at the thigh to a sinister wing Argent and in the sinister a lion passant of the last both paleways (for Wybrants) 2nd & 3rd Or on a fesse Azure between three roses Gules as many bezants (for Higginbotham)
Crest: A stag’s head erased proper charged with a bezant.
Motto: Mitis et Fortis.

Dated: 30th January 1900.

Ulster: Sir Arthur Edward Vicars

In 1923, following the death of Charles Wybrants Higginbotham-Wybrants, his brother, William Arthur Higginbotham, was also granted a Royal Licence to take the Name and Arms of Wybrants. The details of which are also held by the NLI. Volume “M” folio 41 (Image 106).

Arms: Same

Dated: 9th November 1923

Ulster: Sir Nevile Rodwell Wilkinson

18 June 2022

Grant of Arms: Nicholas Stanyhurst of Dublin, 1554

Auctioneers Gorringes are offering for sale the 1554 Grant of Arms to Nicholas Stanyhurst (b.c.1490- d. 1557), citizen, alderman and formerly mayor of Dublin, Clerk of the Hanaper and Clerk of the Crown of the Chancery of Ireland.

The sale will take place on 28th June at 09:30 GMT. The auctioneer’s estimate is GBP4,000 to GBP6,000.

The paint used for the Argent has degraded over the centuries.

Arms: Argent a saltire between four boar’s heads erased Gules armed Argent on a chief Or three bendlets vair.

Crest: A boar’s head couped Gules membered Argent seated on five peacock feathers proper.

Dated: 1st August 1554.

Ulster: Batholomew Butler

Grant of Arms: Arthur Westworth of Brooklands, Broughton 1902

Auctioneers Reeman Dansie are offering for sale the 1902 Grant of Arms to Arthur Westworth (b.1871 d.1958) of Brooklands, Broughton, Lancashire.

The live auction will take place 28 Jun 2022 10:00 GMT to 29 Jun 2022 10:00 GMT.

The Grant has an opening price of GBP140.00

Fox-Davies’ 1929 Armorial Families

Arms: Per chevron Sable and Or in chief two estoiles Argent both within a chaplet of roses Gules leaved of the second and a sun rising from the base Gules.
Crest: A feather erect Or between two roses Gules stalked and leaved Vert.
Motto: Ubique Fidelis

Dated: 20th August 1902

Garter: Sir Albert William Woods
Norroy: William Henry Weldon

Grants of Arms, Badge & Supporters: Sir John Scott Hindley, Viscount Hyndley

Auctioneers Reeman Dansie are offering for sale two Letters Patent associated with John Scott Hindley (1883-1963). The live auction will take place 28 Jun 2022 10:00 GMT to 29 Jun 2022 10:00 GMT.

Both Letters Patent have an opening price of GBP140.00

The first is the initial Grant of Arms to Sir John Scott Hindley following him being created a baronet in 1927.

Arms: Azure a stag lodged Argent on a chief also Argent three roses Gules barbed and seeded proper.
Crest: A sinister and a dexter cubit arm in armour fesswise grasping in the hands a scimitar erect proper pomel and hilt Or the blade transfixing a boar’s head couped Sable.
Badge: A scimitar proper pomel and hilt Or and a rose gules barbed and seeded leaved and slipped also proper in saltire enfiled by a circlet Gold.
Motto: Cor Non Jecur

Dated: 26th March 1927

Garter: Sir Henry Farnham Burke
Clarenceux: Gordon Ambrose de Lisle Lee

The second is probably Sir Henry’s third heraldic Grant. When Sir Henry was created Baron Hyndley in 1931 it seems he petitioned for a change to his Arms in addition to the granting of supporters.

1931 Supporters: On either side a hind proper that on the dexter gorged with a riband Azure pendant therefrom an escutcheon Argent charged with a sword erect Gules and that on the sinister gorged with a like riband pendant therefrom an escutcheon Gules charged with a spur the rowel upwards Or.

In 1947 he was made Viscount Hyndley and he then petitioned for a change in the supporters:

Arms: Azure a stag lodged between three martlets Argent.
Crest: A sinister and a dexter cubit arm in armour fesswise grasping in the hands a scimitar erect proper pomel and hilt Or the blade transfixing a boar’s head couped Sable.
Motto: Cor Non Jecur
1948 Supporters: On either side a hind proper the dexter gorged with a collar Gules charged with a Red rose also proper the sinister gorged with a like collar charged with four pallets Argent surmounted by a palm leaf Or.

Dated: 30th December 1948

Garter: Sir Algar Henry Stafford Howard

30 April 2022

Grant of Arms: Thomas Burton of Shanklin 1925

Auctioneers T W Gaze recently offered for sale the 1925 Grant of Arms to Thomas Burton (1846-1934) of Shanklin, Isle of Wight.

Arms: Azure a chevron between in chief two anchors and in base a bugle horn stringed Or.

Crest: Upon a bugle horn Or an owl Argent.

Motto: Pro Patria

Dated: 7th September 1925

Garter: Henry Farnham Burke

Clarenceux: William Alexander Lindsay

12 December 2021

Grant of Arms: Titus Henry Hewitt, 1906

Auctioneers Dominic Winter Auctions are offering for sale the 1906 Grant of Arms to Titus Henry Hewitt (b.1863 d.1910) of Langford House, Lechlade, Gloucestershire and to other descendants of his father, William Taylor Hewitt. 

The auction will take place on 15th December 2021 at South Cerney, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Auctioneer’s estimate GBP200-300.

Arms: Gules on a chevron paly of six Ermine and Sable three owls between as many garbs of barley Or.

Crest: An eagle displayed recursant Gules holding in either claw a hatchet erect Or.

Motto: Je Peux Si Je Veux

Dated: 16th May 1906

Garter: Sir Alfred Scott Scott-Gatty

Clarenceux: George Edward Cokayne

Norroy: William Henry Welden

Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families 1928

14 November 2021

Grant of Arms: Samuel Foyster of St Pancras 1784

eBay vendor, wrandlef, is offering for sale the 1784 Grant of Arms to Samuel Foyster of St Pancras, Middlesex. Samuel was theTreasurer of St.Pancras Middlesex Charity School, the forerunner of the modern Middlesex Hospital. The Grant also extends to other descendants of his father.

The sale is due to end 19th Nov 2021 16:14:44 GMT. The starting bid is GBP725.00

Arms: Azure a chevron erminoise between two bugle horns in chief and a stag’s head erased in base Or.
Crest: A demi-stag proper attired and unguled Or about the neck a collar Gules suspending a bugle horn Gold stringed of the third.

Dated: 28th June 1784

Garter: Isaac Heard
Clarenceux: Thomas Lock

Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families 1929

1.Samuel Foyster (d.1805)
1.1. Henry Samuel Foyster (b.1791 d.1862)
1.1.1 Henry Brereton Foyster (b.1834 d.1910) Henry Charles Brereton Foyster (b.1866 d.1934) Bernard Brereton Foyster (b.1869 d.1944) Herbert John Foyster (b.1870 d.1936) Basil Edmund Foyster (b.1873 d.1961)
1.1.2. George Alfred Foyster (b.1836 d.1911) Arthur Henry Foyster (b.1869 d.1954) Gerald Mowbray Foyster (b.1872 d.1897) Hugh Alfred Foyster (b.1874 d.1955) Lionel Algernon Foyster (b.1878 d.1945) Kenneth Basil Foyster (b.1880 d.1963) Harold Tillard Foyster (b.1883 d.1911) Philip Tillard Foyster (b.1884 d.1916)

18 September 2021

Grant of Arms: Sir Israel Hart 1896

In June Thomson Roddick Auctioneers sold the 1896 Grant of Arms to Sir Israel Hart (1835-1911) of Ashleigh, co. Leicester. Sir Israel was a British merchant and Liberal Party politician.

Arms: Vert a hart trippant Or between four cinquefoils of the last and a fasces fessewise in base proper head to the sinister.
Crest: Upon a fasces a hart as in the Arms the dexter foreleg resting on a crown vallery Azure.
Motto: Via Trita Via Tuta

Dated: 28th February 1896

Garter: Sir Albert William Wood
Clarenceux: George Edward Cokayne

Grant of Arms: Very Rev’d Norman Hook 1968

Back in August, Auctioneers Toovey’s, sold the 1968 Grant of Arms to the Very Reverend Norman Hook (1898-1976), Dean of Norwich.

Arms: Azure in chief three triguetrae and in base a pelican in her piety Or.

Crest: A lion passant Or resting the dexter paw on a lozenge and in the mouth a shearman’s hook Sable.

Motto: Non Vestra Sed Vos

Dated: 30th September 1968

Garter: Sir Anthony Richard Wagner

Grant of Arms: Sir Christopher Wray 1586

Auctioneer’s Dominic Winter are offering for sale the 1586 Grant of Arms to Sir Christopher Wray (1524 – 7 May 1592). Sir Christopher was an English judge and Chief Justice of the King’s Bench.

The live auction will take place at 10:00 BST on 6th October 2021. The auctioneer’s estimate is GBP4,000-GBP6,000.

Arms: Azure on a chief Or three martlets Gules.

Crest: An ostrich Or.

Dated: 30th December 1586

Clarenceux: Robert Cooke

3 July 2021

Grant of Arms: Major Francis Vittery Platel GM 1954

Auctioneers Dix Noonan Webb are offering for sale the 1954 Grant of Arms to the late Francis Vittery Platel GM. Major Platel’s widow, Eve Maida Platel (née Chamberlain) petitioned for Arms to be granted “to be placed on a Monument or otherwise to the memory of her late husband” and “to be borne and used by his descendants and the Arms to be borne and used by her as his widow the whole according to the Laws of Arms.”

Auctioneer’s estimate: GBP 80 to 120.

Live Auction: 21 Jul 2021 10:00 BST

George Medal. London Gazette 22 July 1941: ‘At Masara, on the 23rd January, 1941, an explosion occurred in a cave gallery of No. 8 Base Ammunition Depot, killing and wounding about ten of the staff and igniting a stack of gun cartridges. Captain Platel organised and led a rescue and fire-fighting party into the gallery where the cartridges were exploding in all directions; they fought and extinguished the fire. The cave was full of ammunition of all calibres and, but for this officer’s prompt action, example and disregard of danger, the fire must have spread irrevocably, caused a major explosion and the loss of much ammunition.’

Shortly after this incident, Platel transferred to No. 4 Advanced Ammunition Depot in Greece and was captured there on or about the 1st March 1941. After being held in various camps he was finally interned in Oflag VIB in Germany. He died whilst a prisoner of war on 23 November 1944, and is buried in Hanover War Cemetery, Germany.

Arms: Or on a chevron between three cups Gules five gouttes d’eau.

Crest: Between two wings a cubit arm couped vested gules the hand proper holding an open cup Or.

Dated: 15th April 1954

Garter: Sir George Rothe Bellew

Clarenceux: Archibald George Blomefield Russell

Earlier this year, in May, a framed emblazonment of Major Platel’s Arms were sold by auctioneers Dominic Winter as a part of a group of 8 heraldic paintings.

20 June 2021

Irish Grant of Arms: James Bankhead Browne 1905

eBay vendor, bushm-11, has just sold for £400 the 1905 Grant of Arms to James Bankhead Browne of Brownhill, Banbridge Co. Down.

Arms: Per saltire Gules and Vert in pale two double-headed eagles displayed and in fesse as many elks’ heads couped respecting each other all Or.
Crest: A double-headed eagle per chevron Gules and Vert bezantee.
Motto: Nunquam Non Paratus

Dated: 27th March 1905

Ulster: Sir Arthur Edward Vicars

Fox-Davies Armorial Familes 1929

19 June 2021

Grant of Arms: Sir Matthew Ingle Joyce 1901

Dawsons Auctioneers are offering for sale the 1901 Grant of Arms to Sir Matthew Ingle Joyce and to other descendants of his father, John Hall Joyce.

Sir Matthew Ingle Joyce (17 July 1839 – 10 March 1930) was a British judge. He was called to the bar by Lincoln’s Inn in 1865.He was a Justice of the Chancery Division of the High Court between 1900 and 1915. Born in Breedon on the Hill , Leicestershire, he was educated at Ashby-de-la-Zouch Grammar School and Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.

Live Auction: 24 Jun 2021 09:30 BST

Lot Location: Maidenhead, Berkshire

Auctioneer’s estimate 150 GBP – 200 GBP

Arms: Barry of four Ermine and Gules on a bend between two leopards faces Or three water bougets Sable.

Crest: In front of a lion rampant proper collared nebuly with chain reflexed over the back Or three water bougets fessewise Sable.

Motto: Nec Temere Nec Timide

Dated: 12 December 1901

Garter: Sir Albert William Woods

Clarenceux: George Edward Cokayne

Lincoln’s Inn panel: Image courtesy Baz Manning
Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families 1929

Grant of Arms: John Evelyn Ansell 1919 (Again)

The 1919 Grant of Arms to John Evelyn Ansell are once again being offered for sale by Chiswick Auctions on 30th June 2021. The opening price is GBP120 with an estimate of GBP200-300.

4 May 2021

New Armorial: Crouch

I am delighted to advise that I have added a new Armorial to my website for the name Crouch. All credit goes to Andrew Crouch for doing all the research into the recorded Arms associated with the surname Crouch and also to Mark Anthony Henderson who emblazoned all the Arms.

15 April 2021

Kings of Arms: New Appointments

Further to my post on 24th March Kings of Arms: Changes ahead? two appointments have now been announced in The London Gazette.

THE QUEEN has been pleased by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Realm dated 1 April 2021, to grant unto Timothy Hugh Stewart Duke, Esquire, the Office of Clarenceux King of Arms, vacant by the retirement of Patric Laurence Dickinson, Esquire, L.V.O.

THE QUEEN has been pleased by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Realm dated 6 April 2021, to grant unto Robert John Baptist Noel, Esquire, the Office of Norroy and Ulster King of Arms, vacant by the promotion of Timothy Hugh Stewart Duke, Esquire.

The next anticipated vacancy will be when Thomas Woodcock, Garter, retires following his 70th birthday in May this year. The next most senior Herald is David White, Somerset.

3 April 2021

Royal Licence: Roger Manwaring Manwaring, 1809

US based eBay vendor, captain831, is offering for sale the 1809 Royal Licence for Roger Manwaring Parker to take the surname Manwaring. Roger was a minor at the time and the petition was made by his father, John Robert Parker of Upper Harley Street, in accordance with the wishes for Roger’s great aunt Mary Jones nee Manwaring.

The Rev’d Roger Manwaring Manwaring MA died in 1825 without issue aged 31.

The current price is USD999.00 approx £722.

Arms: Argent two bars Gules (a mullet for difference)
Crest: An Ass’s head erased proper haltered Or (a mullet for difference)

Dated: 20th February 1809

Garter: Sir Issac Heard
Clarenceux: George Harrison
Norroy: Ralph Bigland

London Gazette 1809

2 April 2021

Grant of Arms: Lt Col Sir Henry Dennis Readett-Bayley, 1919

Auctioneers Mellors & Kirk of Nottingham are offering for sale the 1919 Grant of Arms to Lieutenant Colonel Sir Henry Dennis Readett-Bayley, KBE, DL, JP (1878-1940) of Lenton Abbey in respect of the surname Readett when he assumed and adopted the surname Readett-Bayley in lieu of Bayley.

The live auction will be held on the 14th & 15th April. The auctioneer’s estimate is £100-£150.

Arms: Quarterly 1st & 4th Gules fretty Or on a chief Argent three bears gambs erect Sable (Bayley) 2nd & 3rd Azure in chief two mullets and in base a trefoil slipped Or (Readett).
Crest: 1. A gryphon ejant Sable resting the dexter claw on a fret Or (Bayley)
Crest: 2. Upon a mount Vert in front of park pales proper a horse passant Gules bridled Or (Readett).
Motto: Swift and True
Dated: 25th February 1919

Garter: Henry Farnham Burke
Clarenceux: Charles Harold Athill

Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families

27 March 2021

Revisited – Grant of Arms: John Gonning of Bristol, 1662

ebay vendor, diggerlee, is now offering for sale the 1662 Grant of Arms to John Gonning “formerly mayor now Alderman of the Citty of Bristoll” by Sir Edward Bysshe, Clarenceux. I covered the earlier auction on 10th March 2021 here. The current sale price is £4,500.

diggerlee has added more photographs that better show the text and the Arms themselves.

In my earlier post I mentioned that the name within the Grant had been modified to Gonning. The details on the reverse of the Grant, along with entry in Grantees of Arm, bear witness to this.


Grant of Arms: Sir Bignell George Elliott 1921

Bourne End Auction Rooms are offering for sale the 1921 Grant of Arms to Sir Bignell George Elliott KBE JP of Northfield Highgate (1857-1933). He was closely involved with the Royal Commercial Travellers’ Schools.

The Auction will take place from 10:30 BST on 7th April 2021 at Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. The auctioneer’s estimate is GBP200 to GBP300.

Arms: Per fesse embattled Sable and Argent in chief three estoiles Or and in base as many oak trees proper.
Crest: In front of a dexter cubit arm vested Vert the hand proper grasping an axe palewise also proper three estoiles as in the Arms.
Motto: Perservere
Dated: 30th May 1921

Garter: Sir Henry Farnham Burke
Clarenceux: Charles Harold Athill

Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families 1929
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