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10 January 2019

19th Century Hatchment

Somerset based auctioneers, Lawrences, are offering for sale on the 18th January a rather splendid but small (39cm by 39cm) hatchment for a Marquess.  However, the Arms are unidentified, even with the assistance of the Heraldry Society.  Therefore, it seems likely that this is a sample or a promotional example.  The auctioneer’s estimate is £50 to £100. – UPDATE Sold for £400hatchment2Arms: Gules on a fess Argent between three mullets erminois a lion passant guardant Sable.

Crest: An eagles’s head erased Or gorged with a collar gemelle Azure ducally crowned Gules .

Supporters: Two griffins proper collard Or.

If these Arms have not been Granted in England & Wales, Ireland or Scotland, perhaps some non-armigerous individual can petition for them?  All they need do thereafter is work out how they can be ennobled as a Marquess.


29 January 2013

Hatchment: General Sir Henry Robert Ferguson Davie Bt

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Over at the Heraldry Society of Scotland’s web forum Richard d’Apice found that the Hatchment for General Sir Henry Robert Ferguson Davie Bt for sale by auction by Aldridges of Bath.  It had a guide price of between £100 and £150 but eventually sold for £1,150.  

The 107th edition of Burke’s Peerage & Baronetage describes Henry Robert Ferguson as the illegitimate son of Robert Ferguson of Raith.  On 22nd March 1823, he married Frances Juliana, daughter of Sir John Davie, 8th Baronet, of Creedy, and niece and heiress of Sir Humphrey Davie, 10th and last Baronet, of Creedy.  (Her eldest brother, Sir John Davie 9th Bt, died unmarried in 1824 and her other brother, William, died in 1822.) On 9th February 1846 he assumed by Royal license the additional surname and Arms of Davie and the following year the baronetcy held by his wife’s family was revived when he was created a Baronet, of Creedy in the County of Devon on 9 January 1847. Hatchment130129 The hatchment does differ from the modern blazon and is probably also incorrect in its background colours.

Arms (Hatchment):  Quarterly 1st & 4th Argent a chevron Sable between three mullets pierced Gules 2nd Azure three cinquefoils two and one Or upon a chief of the last a lion passant Gules 3rd three cinquefoils two and one Or on a canton Argent [details are not clear] in centre point the Badge of Ulster.

Impaling: Argent a chevron between three mullets Gules.

Arms (modern):  Quarterly 1st & 4th Argent a chevron Sable between three mullets pierced Gules 2nd & 3rd Azure three cinquefoils two and one Or upon a chief of the last a lion passant Gules  in centre point the Badge of Ulster.

Crest: A pascal lamb reguardant Gules.

Motto:  “Auspice Christo”  (Under the auspices of Christ)

Sir Henry Robert Ferguson Davie died 30th November 1885 with his wife predeceasing him on 12th April 1882.  On that basis the right hand half of the hatchment, representing his wife’s Arms, should  also have been painted black.

18 January 2012

The Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund, Salisbury

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A couple of weekends ago I was in Salisbury with the family and I re-visited the Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund.  My first visit was a bit of a failure because my digital camera died on me.  However, this time armed with my new camera and in the company of my father-in-law I had more success.

As a interim step I have uploaded some of the pictures to photobucket.  The link below will take you to the gallery via the main website.


30 July 2011

Vessey – A Hatchment

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James Dempster, over at the HSS, spotted this hatchment on sale at ebay by timw3007.

The Arms seem to be those of Vessey:

Arms: Ermine on a cross Sable five martlets Or

Crest: An arm embowed and couped at the shoulder erect from the elbow habited Gules cuffed ermine holding in the hand proper four leaves Vert.

The hatchment was made by Winsor & Newton of London and is just 14 inches by 14 inches which is somewhat smaller that the usual.  I could not find it listed in the Hatchments of Britain.  These last two factors might indicate it was a “sample”.

23 July 2011

St Mary’s Church, Buriton, Hampshire

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A new webpage has been added for St Mary’s Church, Buriton, Hampshire.

4 June 2011

Hatchment – Edward Langford of Trungle

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(Going through some holiday “snaps” I found some heraldic items I had overlooked from a holiday a couple of years ago in Cornwall):


Edward Langford of Trungle b.1730 d.1781

In the Parish Church of Paul in Cornwall there is the Hatchment of Edward Langford.  He married Elizabeth,  daughter of Frederick Dansey Esq. of Plymouth Dock, Devon.

The hatchment:

Paly of six Argent and Gules on a chief Azure a lion passant guardant Or (Langford).


Per pale Argent and Or a fesse nebulee Gules between three lions’ heads erased of the last (Dansey)

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