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24 March 2014

Heraldic Plate: Duke of Hamilton & Brandon

Ebay has another source of heraldic goods of interest I had previously overlooked, porcelain.  A 18th century plate bearing the Arms of the Duke of Hamilton & Brandon has just been sold.


Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th grand quarters counter quartered 1st and 4th  Gules three cinquefoils ermine (for HAMILTON) 2nd and 3rd Argent a lymphad Sable sails furled proper flagged Gules (for Earldom of Arran); 2nd and 3rd grand quarters Argent a man’s heart Gules ensigned with an imperial crown Or proper on a chief Azure three stars of the first (for  DOUGLAS).

Crests: 1 On a ducal coronet an oak tree fructed and penetrated  transversely in the main stem by a frame saw proper the frame Or (for  HAMILTON), 2 On a chapeau Gules doubled ermine a salamander in flames proper (for DOUGLAS).

Supporters: Two antelopes Argent armed, unguled, ducally gorged and chained Or.

Mottoes: Through (for HAMILTON), Jamais arrière (‘Never behind’) (for DOUGLAS).

The Arms also display an escutcheon of pretense for Spencer;

Arms: Quarterly Argent and Gules in the 2nd and 3rd quarters a fret Or on a bend Sable three escallops of the first.


The most likely armiger is James Hamilton, 6th Duke of Hamilton & 3rd Duke of Brandon.  In 1737 he married his third wife, Elizabeth Spencer, who was the daughter and coheir of Edward Spencer of Rendlesham, Suffolk.


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