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28 April 2011

Bryan – Livery button

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After a bit of a hiatus from browsing eBay the following livery button caught my eye:

Looking at the three piles my initial thought was “Anstruther” until I noticed the piles were Gules rather than Sable.  My blazon:

Arms: Argent three pile meeting in point Gules

Crest: Issuing out of a cloud a naked dexter arm embowed the hand holding a dagger

The identification is by no means straightforward.  The Arms match those for Wishart but not the Crest.  The Arms also appear in the 2nd quarter for a number of O’Briens Arms, in one instance, the O’Brien of Blatherwycke, the Crest also matches.  The closest fit,so far, is for William Bryan, Deputy Ulster King of Arms in 1766.  The blazon in BGA does not include the piles meeting in point but the Crest does tie in.

A bit more research is required, if time permits.

Image courtesy of the vendor, hantsreg

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