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30 September 2017

Bookplate: Hugh McCalmont Cairns, 1st Earl Cairns

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Vendor supermanifest is offering for sale on eBay the bookplate of Hugh McCalmont Cairns, 1st Earl Cairns (b.1819 d.1885).  He married in 1856 Mary Harriet MacNeil the daughter of John MacNeil of Parkmount.  In 1867 he was created  Baron Cairns of Garmoyle and in 1878 both Viscount Garoyle and Earl Cairns.


Arms: Gules three martlets Argent a bordure of the last charged with as many trefoils slipped Vert.
1st & 4th Azure a lion rampant Argent armed and langued Gules 2nd Argent a sinister hand couped fessways in chief Gules in base wavy Azure a salmon naiant of the first 3rd Or a galley Gules sails furled on a chief of the second three mullets of the first (for MacNeil of Parkmount).
Crest: A martlet Argent charged on the breast with a trefoil slipped Vert.
Supporters: On either side a hawk proper chained and belled Or holding in the beak a trefoil Vert.
Motto: EFFLORESCO  (I Flourish)

Cairns BookPlateDetails

The bookplate is listed in Frank’s Catalogue of British & American Book Plates.

12 February 2017

Bookplate: Heytesbury House

Vendor supermanifest is also offering for sale on eBay  a bookplate from Heytesbury House, near Warminster in Wiltshire.  Heytesbury House was the seat of the Barons Heytesbury of Heytesbury.  The bookplate relates to the 2nd Baron, William Henry Ashe À Court later Holmes À Court.


Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, barry wavy of six, Or and Azure, in a canton Gules a lion of England passant guardant Or (for Holmes); 2nd and 3rd, per fess Or and paly of six erminois and Azure in chief an eagle displayed Sable beaked and membered Gules charged on the body with two chevronels Argent (for À Court). On an escutcheon of pretence the Arms of Holmes.
Crests: 1 Out of a naval crown Or an arm embowed in armour, the hand proper grasping a trident Azure headed Or (for Holmes); 2 An eagle displayed Sable charged with two chevronels Or beaked and legged Gules holding in the beak a lily slipped proper (for À Court).
Supporters: On either side an eagle, wings elevated Sable beaked and membered Gules each holding in the beak a lily slipped Proper
Motto: Grandescunt Aucta Labore  (Increased by labour, they grow large).

In 1833 William married Elizabeth Holmes the eldest daughter and heiress of Sir Leonard Thomas Worsley Homes Bt.  In the same year he received the Royal Licence to “take and use the surname of Holmes, in addition to that of À Court; that the said William Henry Ashe À Court may bear the arms of Holmes, quarterly in the first quarter, with his own arms; and that the said Elizabeth Worsley À Court may also bear the arms of Holmes;..”

In 1860, after inheriting the title, he received the Royal Licence on behalf of his children to “use the surname  À Court in addition to and after, instead of before, that of Holmes, and that they may bear the arms of À Court quarterly in the first quarter with those of Holmes;..”

My interest in Heytesbury stems from the fact my great great grandfather, the Rev’d John Herbert Plowman MA, was a curate at Heytesbury from 1866 to 1879 and domestic chaplain to Lord Heytesbury from 1877 until 1879 when he got his own parish of Burbage, Wiltshire.

11 February 2017

Bookplate: The Hon. Robert Henry Meade

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Vendor supermanifest is offering for sale on eBay the rather splendid bookplate of The Hon. Robert Henry Meade.  Robert was the second son of the 3rd Earl of Clanwilliam.


Arms: Quarterly 1st & 4th Azure a chevron ermine between three trefoils slipped Argent a crescent for difference 2nd Argent three peewits proper (for Magill) 3rd Per chevron Argent and Vert three hinds trippant proper (for Hawkins)


Sable a cross patonce within a bordure Or (for Lascelles).

Crest: An eagle displayed with two heads Sable.

Motto: Tout Jours Prest (Always Ready)

Two things that caught my eye;

  1. The bookplate is dated 1879 and the impaled Arms are those of his first wife,Lady Mary Elizabeth Lascelles, who died in 1866.  Robert remarried in 1880.
  2. The 2nd & 3rd quarters have been displayed as grandquarters by other members of the family.  They are from the 1st Earls wife, Theodosia, the only child and heir of Robert Hawkins Magill.  Burke’s General Armory lists the Arms for the Magill quarter as “Azure three peewits Argent“.

5 February 2017

Bookplate: Peter Duncan Esslemont (1935-2011)

I recently had the privilege of being “enclothed” as a Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Scriveners of the City of London.  In anticipation of that event, I ordered a copy of Brian Brooks & Cecil Humphery-Smith’s A History of The Worshipful Company of Scriveners of London (2001) via World of Books Ltd. When I settled down to start reading the history I was delighted to find that the book contained the bookplate of Peter Duncan Esslemont.  I knew of Peter through my membership of The White Lion Society and The Heraldry Society.  Peter became a Liveryman of the Scriveners in 1986 and was due to become Master in 2011 but ill health stopped him taking office.



Arms: Or a rocky mount with verdure its base in the form of an ‘S’ the convex part to the dexter and the concave part to the sinister all proper on a chief Azure a garb also Or banded Gules between two boars’ heads couped Or.
Crest: A lymphad Azure mast rigging and sails furled proper and flagged Gules.
Motto: Semper Providere

Matriculated in the Court of the Lord Lyon, 21 March 1979.

The Arms are an excellent example of modern punning.

24 February 2016

Bookplate: James Brodie of Brodie

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The bookplate of James Brodie of Brodie is on sale at eBay with a starting price of £7.50. (Vendor postcardspostcards )

From the Brodie family tree, James was the 21st Thane of Brodie born in 1744 and died in 1824


Brodie of Brodie 2

Arms: Argent a chevron Gules between three mullets Azure.

Crest: A right hand holding a bunch of arrows all proper.

Motto: Unite

Supporters: Two savages wreathed about the head and middle with laurel each holding a club resting against his shoulder proper.


To see more recorded Arms for Brodie, visit my Brodie Armorial.

27 December 2015

Bookplate: Francis Fulford of Fulford 1699

On sale at eBay is a bookplate of Francis Fulford of Fulford in Devon (Vendor: london3621).  Colonel Francis Fulford’s second wife was Mary Tuckfield, heiress to John Tuckfield of Little Fulford.  The marriage effectively joined the two estates for Great Fulford and Little Fulford.  However, Francis Fulford died without issue and his widow re-married but left the Little Fulford estate to a cousin.  The Great Fulford estate passed to the Colonel’s cousin, (another) Francis Fulford.


Arms: Gules a chevron Argent (for Fulford)

on an escutcheon of pretence;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Argent three lozenges in fess conjoined Sable (for Tuckfield) 2nd Per pale Gules and Azure three close helmets Argent garnished Or (for Pyncombe) 4th Argent masonry Sable a chief indented Sable (for Reynell)
Crest: A bear’s head erased Argent muzzled Sable


Link to Recorded Arms for Fulford


26 April 2015

Bookplate: Rev’d Anthony Lister (later Marsden) (b.1777 d.1852)

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The eBay sale has just concluded for the bookplate of the Reverend Anthony Lister of Gargrave, vendor look-back-in-time.  In 1807 Lister married Mary, the daughter of William York.  In 1827 he changed his surname by Royal License to Marsden as a condition of inheriting an estate from John Marsden.  However, the legacy was subject to two legal challenges.  The second case did not find in his favour.

Lister Rev Anthony2

Arms: Ermine on a fesse Sable three mullets Argent (for Lister)
Crest: A stag’s head proper
Arms: Ermine on a cross Azure a woolpack Or between four lions passant guardant Argent on a chief Gules a sword proper pommel and hilt Or surmounted by a key in saltire of the last (for York)

22 April 2015

Bookplate: William Mitford of Exbury (b.1744 d.1827)

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Vendor prexiepost has on sale at eBay a bookplate of William Mitford of Exbury, Hampshire.  William is the ancestor of the famous “Mitford Sisters“.

This bookplate is listed in Franks’ “Catalogue of British & American Book Plates” under the reference 20768.


Mitford William Bookplate2

Arms: Quarterly 1st Argent a fesse between three moles Sable (for Mitford) 2nd Sable a maunch Argent (for Wharton) 3rd Sable three roses Argent seeded Or (for Powell) 4th Argent a chevron engrailed Gules between three estoiles of sixteen points Azure (for Reveley)

Crest: A dexter and sinister hands couped proper supporting a sword in pale Argent pommelled Or pierced through a boar’s head Sable tusked gold couped Gules



Mitford William lineage

5 January 2015

Bookplate: Richard Joseph Sulivan (1752-1806)

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Vendor look-back-in-time has on sale at eBay the bookplate of Richard Joseph Sulivan of Thames Ditton.  The bookplate would appear to date from between 1778 when he married Mary Lodge and his receipt of a Baronetcy in 1804.

Bookplate Sulivan Richard Joseph

Arms: Per fess the base per pale, in chief Or a dexter hand couped at the wrist holding a sword erect proper hilted Gules the blade entwined with a serpent proper between two lions rampant respectant of the second the dexter base Vert charged with a buck trippant Or on the sinister base per pale Argent and Sable a boar passant counter-changed.

Impaling: Gules a lion rampant Argent crusily of the field within a bordure flory Argent (for Lodge)

Crest: On a ducal coronet Or a robin holding in the beak a sprig of laurel proper.
Motto: Lamh foisdineach an uachtar (What we gain by conquest we secure by clemency).

Bookplate: Davies Gilbert formerly Giddy

The bookplate of Davies Gilbert PRS (1766-1839), formerly Giddy, is on sale at eBay, the vendor is bungalowblondie2.  Davies Giddy was the only son of Rev’d Edward Giddy and Catherine Davies. Catherine was heiress to her father and was one of the co-heirs to the Barony of Sandys of the Vine which fell into abeyance in 1683 after the death of the 8th Baron.


In 1808 Davies Giddy married Mary Anne Gilbert.     Following the death of Mary’s uncle, Davies Giddy took the Name and Arms of Gilbert.

Gilbert-Davies Bookplate2

Arms: Quarterly 1st Argent on a chevron Gules three roses of the field with a canton Gules for difference (for Gilbert)
2nd Or a fess engrailed Vert in chief a lion passant Gules in base three torteaux two and one (for Giddy)
3rd Argent a fess ermines between three pierced mullets Gules (for Davies)
4th Argent three bendlets Sable on a canton of the last a cross of the first (for Noye)
5th Or a fess indented between three crosses crosslet fitchy Gules (for Sandys of Ombersley)
6th Argent a cross raguly Sable (for Sandys of the Vine )

With an escutcheon of pretence
Argent on a chevron Gules three roses of the field (for Gilbert)

Crest:A squirrel sejant Gules cracking a nut Or charged on the shoulder with a cross crosslet gold for difference

Motto: Teg yw Hedwch

Their children bore the Arms without the canton Gules for difference.



25 December 2014

Bookplate: Sir Edmund Antrobus Bt

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Antrobus is one of the names covered in my Armorial and eBay now has on sale the bookplate of Sir Edmund Antrobus Bt, the vendor is look-back-in-time.

Antrobus Bookplate

The blazon (107th Edition Burke’s Peerage):

Arms: Lozengy Or and Azures on a pale Gules three estoiles of six points wavy of the first.
Crest: Issuing out of rays proper a unicorn’s head couped Argent horned and maned Or gorged with a wreath of laurel proper.
Supporters: Two horses proper.
Motto: Dei Memor Gratus Amicis






30 November 2014

Bookplate: Shanly

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A bookplate for the name Shanly is on sale at eBay by the vendor klunder1928.  The Arms are an interesting mix of per chevron and per pale;


Burke’s General Armory gives the following blazon;

Shanly (Fearnaght, co. Leitrim).
Arms: Per chevron Vert and per pale Or and Ermine a chevron ermines in chief three estoiles of the second and in the dexter base a lion rampant Gules.

Crest: An arm in armour embowed proper the hand also proper grasping a broken sword Argent hilt and pommel Or therefrom five drops of blood.

Motto: Pro patria et religione.

The name Shanly is not included in the three volumes that record Sir Augustus Wollaston Frank’s bequest of British & American bookplates to the British Museum.


7 May 2014

Hopkinson of Wootton Court and of Edgeworth Manor, Glos

Earlier this year I was contacted by Richard Crook, of the landscape architects Portus & Whitton, to see if I could identify some heraldic stonework unearthed in land that was once part of the kitchen garden of Edgeworth Manor, Gloustershire.

Edgeworth Manor Coat of Arms1

A trawl through Burke’s General Armory looking at Arms associated with the surnames of various owners of Edgeworth Manor was not conclusive.  The closest match was for Hopkinson of Lofthouse, Yorkshire “Vert three pillows ermine“. That hinted towards Edmund Hopkinson who bought the manor in 1832 and died in 1869.

Richard then advised that Edmund’s father was George Caesar Hopkinson of Wootton Court who had served in the King’s Light Dragoons.  The Harleian Society’s Grantees of Arms made mention of a Grant of Arms to a Lt Col Hopkinson of Wootton Court in 1823.  Unfortunately, I could not find any mention of the blazon in any of my reference books or on the Internet.  After numerous searches I did manage to find a rather poor quality image of Edmund Hopkinson’s bookplate. That at least was sufficient evidence to confirm the identity of the stonework.

Edmund Hopkinson Bookplate2

I am extremely grateful to Timothy Duke, Chester Herald, who kindly supplied the full blazon;

The arms are blazoned Vert a Horse’s head couped Argent bridled Sable between three Cushions Ermine tasselled Or and the crest on a wreath of the colours (ie Argent and Vert) A dexter Arm embowed habited Azure cuff Gules (being the Uniform of His Majesty’s aforesaid 15th Regiment of Dragoons) the hand grasping a Sabre the Arm entwined with a Laurel branch all proper and in an Escocheon the word EMSDORF.  Below the arms is inscribed the motto ONCE AND ALWAYS (Coll Arm ms Grants 34, 10).

Using that blazon I had a go at producing my rendition of the Arms;

Hopkinson-ColonelI had not realised that the Battle of Emsdorf, in which the 15th Light Dragoons played a major role, was the first instance of a battle honour being awarded to a British Regiment.  I am a bit puzzled by the blazon for the crest because the various pictures of the 15th have them with red sleeves and blue cuffs.


18 January 2014

Henry Pelham Burn – Grant of Arms 1906

The 1906 Grant of Arms from the Lyon Court to Major Henry Pelham Burn is on sale at eBay with a “Buy it Now” price of £1,500.

Burn Grant

The Grant is listed in the Lyon Register as 19/9, 25th October 1906.

Arms: Or a chevron between two spur revels in chief and a hunting horn in base Sable garnished Argent.

Crest: A dexter hand proper holding a hunting horn as in the Arms.

Motto: Ever Ready

Major Burn also has an entry in the 1929 edition of Armorial Families:

Burn-ARFrom the excellent set of photographs supplied by the vendor, diggerlee, it seems that Major Burn had the Grant made to an ancestor – I cannot make out the actual relationship.  Also included within the sale is a bookplate of Charles Maitland Burn who bears the same Arms but with the chevron engrailed and impaled with the Arms of Russel.  They are listed in the Lyon Register as 19/10, 31st October 1906.

20 August 2013

Bookplate: Valentine Simpson of Bobbing Court, Kent

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A book-plate for Simpson at eBay caught my eye. The Arms are not one I found when putting together my Simpson armorial.


I had a go at working out the blazons in order to identify the non-Simpson quarters. A search through Papworth for Arms with pomegranates was fruitless. I then looked in Franks’ Catalogue of Book plates and there was an entry for Valentine Simpson of Bobbing court, Kent. His Arms were impaling those of his wife who was also his first cousin. They were married in 1778.

Unfortunately, even with the quarters named I have, so far, been unable to find them listed in any of my usual heraldic publications.  However, the Simpsons did donate some church plate which is recorded by the Kent Archaeological Society’s Archaeologia cantiana (Volume v. 17) and gives details of the Arms.


1st & 4th Per bend sinister indented ermines and Sable a lion rampant counterchanged on a canton Gules a covered cup Argent.(Simpson)

2nd Argent a chevron Gules between three cock pheasants’ heads couped Azure (Pettit)

3rd Argent on a fesse dancetty Gules between three torteaux a fleur-de-lis Or. (Pilcher)


1st & 4th Azure a chevron ermine between in chief two pomegranates stalked and leaved and in base a Catherine wheel Or. (Hopper)

2nd Argent a chevron Gules between three cock pheasants’ heads couped Azure (Pettit)

3rd Argent on a fesse dancetty Gules between three torteaux a fleur-de-lis Or. (Pilcher)

  Crest: An ounce’s head pean erased Gules collared gemellee Sable.

  Motto: NunQuam Obliviscar (I will never forget ).

9 March 2013

Bookplate: Frank McKno Bladon

I recently bought a copy of Gayre’s Heraldic Standards and other Ensigns at a book fair in Wilton, near Salisbury, the seat of the Earls of Pembroke.  The nice added “extra” for me was that it also included the bookplate for Frank McKno Bladon:


Arms: Gules three chevronels between in chief two mascles flory and in base an annulet all Argent.
Crest: On a wreath of the colours a griffin Gules resting the sinister claw on an annulet and charged on the wing with a mascle flory both as in the Arms.
Motto: Spe et Labore.

My initial search revealed the Arms in Fox-Davies’ 1929 Edition of Armorial Families:


I had a look in Burke’s General Armory* and the Harleian Society’s Grantees of Arms for more details about the Grant of Arms without success.  However, in Gayre’s Armorial Who is Who 1979-1980 he notes that the Arms were granted by the College of Arms 14 Aug 1928 in the name of John McKno Bladon (Frank McKno Bladon’s father).

In Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families the entry also lists the son of John McKno Bladon’s cousin as an armiger.  That would be the case if John McKno Bladon had the Grant of Arms in the name/memory of his grandfather, Thomas Bladon.

Through the power of Google and Ancestry.co.uk the family is as below.  Those in brown are the implied armigers if Fox-Davies is correct.  Those in blue are armigers as the Grantee and his descendants.

Descendants of Thomas Bladon

1 Thomas Bladon  + Sarah Timms b: 30 Oct 1804 in Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, England, m: 05 Apr 1831 in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, d: 31 Mar 1901

1.1 George Thomas Bladon b: 1832 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England, d: 1916 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England; Age at Death: 84   + Mary Jane Hunt b: Abt. 1839 in Newton, Leicestershire, England, m: 06 Aug 1861

1.1.1 Emily Timms Bladon b: 11 Sep 1862 in London, London, Middlesex, England, d: 07 Sep 1945

1.1.2 Henry John Hunt Bladon b: Sep 1865 in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, d: 02 May 1896 in Hertfordshire, England; Age at Death: 30   + Edith Russell b: Abt. 1869 in Neston, Cheshire, England, m: 11 Apr 1894 in Wirral, Cheshire Harold Russell Hunt Bladon b: 1895 in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England, d: 21 Aug 1933 in Middlesex, England; Age at Death: 37   + Carmen Elbo   + Lisa Elisevieta

1.2 Francis Finch Bladon b: 10 Feb 1838 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England, d: 15 Jan 1922 in Kinston upon Hull, Yorkshire-East Riding, England; Age at Death: 83  + Margaret Craig McKno b: Abt. 1832 in Honiton, Devon, England, m: 14 Aug 1862 in Honiton, Devon, England

1.2.1John McKno Bladon b: 29 Jul 1865 in Honiton, Devon, England, d: 06 Jun 1956 in Yorkshire, England; Age at Death: 90 + Ethel Dickinson b: Abt. 1874 in Gosforth, Northumberland, England, m: 19 Apr 1898 Dickinson Bladon b: 25 Nov 1907 in Sutton Hull, d: Sep 1979 in Hull, Humberside, England; Age at Death: 71  + Gertrude Mary Roe m: 06 Jul 1946 in Bridgwater, Somerset Finch Bladon b: 30 Aug 1947 in Westmorland; Hull, Yorkshire, Northumberland + Alison Morag Robin b: 27 Jul 1955, m: 1979 in Derby, Derbyshire, England James Christopher Bladon b: Dec 1981 in Beverley, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire Jane Bladon b: Dec 1983 in Beverley, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire Simon McKno Bladon b: 16 May 1952 in Westmorland; Hull, Yorkshire, Northumberland + Rebecca A D Hall m: 1985 in Kensington and Chelsea, London Dickinson Bladon b: 10 Apr 1990 in Lambeth, Greater London McKno Bladon b: 12 Jan 1989 in Lambeth, Greater London Camilla Mary Bladon b: 10 Jan 1987 in Lambeth, Greater London Margaret Bladon b: 15 Feb 1899 in Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding, United Kingdom, d: Sep 1978 in Hull, Humberside, England; Age at Death: 79 McKno Bladon b: 26 Jul 1902 in Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding, United Kingdom, d: Sep 1970 in Mere, Wiltshire, England; Age at Death: 68  + Lilias Graeme Kington-Blair-Oliphant b: 10 Jul 1904, m: 01 Mar 1930, d: Mar 1989 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; Age at Death: 84 Francis Oliphant Bladon b: 08 Mar 1931 + Brenda Joyce Tattersall m: 04 Dec 1954 in Hong Kong, China Frances Bladon b: 20 Jun 1959 Diana Elizabeth Bladon b: 25 Jun 1956 Margaret Bladon b: 01 Mar 1934 in England

*  Burke’s General Armory has three entries for Bladen that may have been the “template” for the Bladon Grant of Arms:
  1. Col Bladen 1715 – Arms: Gules three chevronnels Argent Crest: On a ducal crown a griffin passant winges extended Or holding in his mouth an arrow proper.
  2. Bladen, Glastonbury – Arms: Gules three chevrons Argent Crest: A greyhound’s head erased proper.
  3. Bladen (Alderman of Dublin 1663) Arms: Or three mascles in fess fleury Gules on a canton Azure a chevron of the field.

21 February 2013

Bookplate: James Devereux Hustler

There is a bookplate on sale at eBay belonging to James Devereux Hustler.


Arms: Argent on a fesse Azure between two martlets Sable three fleurs-de-lis Or.

Crest: A talbot sejant Argent gorged with a collar Azure charged with three fleurs-de-lis Or.

Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 shows that Rev’d James Devereux Hustler was the elder son of Thomas and Ann Hustler of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, born 4 Dec 1784 and died 1846.  He had a son James Devereux Hustler born 17 May 1827 died 1906.

The Arms were originally granted to Sir William Hustler of Acklam Hall in 1726.  However, none of Sir William’s sons produced any children.  Acklam Hall and the Arms descended via his daughter with her descendants changing their name to Hustler by Royal Licence (see pedigree below).  The most recent generation bearing the Hustler Arms quartered with those of Hopkins.

From what I have found so far, it seems that the Rev’d James Devereux Hustler was not “lawfully” using the Hustler Arms.  A victim of a Georgian “bucket shop” perhaps?

From Burke’s Landed Gentry, 1937 edition:

1 Sir William Hustler of Acklam Hall d.1730
1.1 William Hustler spvp
1.2 Robert Hustler of Acklam Hall (heir to father) dsp c.1736
1.3 James Hustler of Acklam Hall (heir to brother) dsp
1.4 Anne Hustler (co-heir to brother James) m.1700 Thomas Peirse
1.4.1 Thomas Peirse Thomas Peirse later Thomas Hustler of Acklam Hall (RL 1784) m1.1737 Jane Staines, m2.Mary Robinson, m3. Constance Hutton by whom Thomas Hustler of Acklam Hall d.unm 1819 William Hustler m. Charlotte Meade Thomas Hustler of Acklam Hall b.1801d.1874 m.1822 Charlotte Frances Eliza Wells William Thomas Hustler of Acklam Hall JP DL b.1823 d.1909 m1.1851 Anna Maria Watkyn Richards, m2.1893 Harriet Badley Marian Hustler d.1893 m.1878 Rev Reginald Edward Beaumont Reginald Hustler Beaumont b.1879 William Hustler Beaumont b.1885 Marian Eva Hustler Beaumont b.1881 m.1908 Capt Frederick Scarth Beadon Richard Hustler b.1824 d.1881 Rev George Hustler b.1826 d.1905 m.1849 Louisa Toovey-Hawley Evereld Ellen Hustler d.1906 m.1872 Richard Hill Constance Charlotte Hustler m.1876 Maj A Bingham Wright Evereld Catherine Eliza Hustler d.1887 m.1864 William Randolf Innes Hopkins William Hustler Hopkins later William Hustler Hustler of Acklam Hall (RL 1909) b.1866 d.1927 m.1898 Maud Frances Collingwood William Mostyn Collingwood Hustler of Acklam Hall b.1899 d.1976 m.1930 Angela Joan Hanson Thomas William Mostyn Hustler b.1934 d.2006 m.1972 Marilyn Rylands Joanna Evereld Hustler b.1932
1.5 ? Hustler (co-heir to brother James)
1.6 Elizabeth Hustler (co-heir to brother James)
1.7 Evereld Hustler of Acklam Hall b.1698 d.1784

25 February 2012

Bookplate: [Sir] William Arbuthnot (1766-1829)

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A bookplate that keeps re-appearing for sale at eBay is one for William Arbuthnot.  The bookplate displays his Arms before he was created a baronet in 1822/3 (Arbuthnot Armorial).

Unusually, when he was created a baronet he also received supporters for his Arms.  Whilst Arbuthnot was the Provost of Edinburgh the King attended a dinner.  It is claimed that the King said if Arbuthnot could walk around the table unaided he would be granted Supporters for his Arms.


Azure a crescent between three mullets Argent within a bordure Or charged with three boars’ heads erased Gules.


A peacock’s head proper.


Dexter a wyvern Vert; Sinister, a greyhound Argent collar and line reflexed over the back Gules


Innocent and True

24 February 2012

Bookplate: Theodore Radford Forrester Thomson (1897-1981)

The bookplate of Theodore Radford Forrester Thomson (Thomson Armorial) is on sale at eBay.


Potent Argent and Azure on a bend Sable a mullet between two stags’ heads cabossed Or


A gauntleted hand erect in pale holding a flaming torch in bend proper


Above the Crest: Acquanimitas (With Even Mind)

Below the Shield: Veritas Praevalebit (Truth Will Prevail)

He was the youngest son of Rev. Prof. John Radford Thomson.  His Arms were matriculated in the Lyon Register in 1923. His bother, Rev. Canon Clement Reynolds Thomas, matriculated Arms in 1924 (Potent Argent and Azure on a bend Sable two stags’ heads cabossed Or) and his cousin, Charles Sheldon Thomson, also matriculated Arms in 1923 (Potent Argent and Azure on a bend engrailed Sable two stags’ heads cabossed Or).  These are also noted in Arthur C Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families (1929 Edition).

More family details can be viewed online at Thomson & Forrester of Corstorphine Pedigree.

17 February 2012

Bookplate: Maj-Gen Sir Edward Wolstenholme Ward

Another bookplate on sale at eBaythat of Maj.-Gen. Sir Edward Wolstenholme Ward.


Quarterly 1st & 4th Azure a cross patonce Or (for Ward) 2nd & 3rd Gules three cinquefoils ermine on a chief Or a human heart of the first (for Hamilton of Bangor)


A Saracen’s head affrontee couped below the shoulders proper wreathed around the temples Or and Azure and adorned with three ostrich feathers.


Sub Cruce Salus (Salvation comes from the cross)

Sir Edward was the great-grandson of the 1st Viscount Bangor and nephew to the 3rd.  The Hamilton quarter was from Anne Catharine Hamilton, mother of the 1st Viscount and daughter and co-heiress of James Hamilton of Bangor, co. Down.


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