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13 February 2016

Grant of Arms: Evan Davies Jones – 1907

On eBay of the Grant of Arms in 1907 to Evan Davies Jones is offered for sale (vendor Lee Burgess – diggerlee).  In 1917 Evan Jones was created the 1st Baronet of Pentower.  The title became extinct on the death of his son in 1952.  His eldest and youngest sons were both killed in the First World War.

Jones Bt - Arms2

Arms: Argent a lion rampant Sable collared and chained over the back Or on a chief arched of the second two mullets of the first.

Crest: On a wreath of the colours upon a rock proper between two mullets Argent a lion as in the Arms.

Motto: Ehed a’i edyn ei hun.

Jones Bt - AF

The Arms of Sir Evan Jones as displayed in the 1929 edition of Armorial Families.

Update: As at 29th October 2016 this Grant is still on sale for £1,750.00.

5 January 2015

Bookplate: Richard Joseph Sulivan (1752-1806)

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Vendor look-back-in-time has on sale at eBay the bookplate of Richard Joseph Sulivan of Thames Ditton.  The bookplate would appear to date from between 1778 when he married Mary Lodge and his receipt of a Baronetcy in 1804.

Bookplate Sulivan Richard Joseph

Arms: Per fess the base per pale, in chief Or a dexter hand couped at the wrist holding a sword erect proper hilted Gules the blade entwined with a serpent proper between two lions rampant respectant of the second the dexter base Vert charged with a buck trippant Or on the sinister base per pale Argent and Sable a boar passant counter-changed.

Impaling: Gules a lion rampant Argent crusily of the field within a bordure flory Argent (for Lodge)

Crest: On a ducal coronet Or a robin holding in the beak a sprig of laurel proper.
Motto: Lamh foisdineach an uachtar (What we gain by conquest we secure by clemency).

25 December 2014

Bookplate: Sir Edmund Antrobus Bt

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Antrobus is one of the names covered in my Armorial and eBay now has on sale the bookplate of Sir Edmund Antrobus Bt, the vendor is look-back-in-time.

Antrobus Bookplate

The blazon (107th Edition Burke’s Peerage):

Arms: Lozengy Or and Azures on a pale Gules three estoiles of six points wavy of the first.
Crest: Issuing out of rays proper a unicorn’s head couped Argent horned and maned Or gorged with a wreath of laurel proper.
Supporters: Two horses proper.
Motto: Dei Memor Gratus Amicis






27 November 2014

Thomas McKenney – Grant of Arms 1818

The Grant of Arms to Thomas Kenney by Ulster King of Arms in 1818 has been sold on eBay for £375.50, vendor thebizaar;


Sir Thomas McKenny, 1st Bt, (born 1771 died 1849)

Arms: Or a fleur-de-lis between three crescents Azure on a chief Vert a greyhound at full speed pursuing a stag Argent attired Or.

Crest: On a wreath of the colours a cubit arm in armour proper garnished Or the gauntlet grasping a scroll Argent.

Motto: Vincit Veritas


Kenney-Thomas Debretts2




4 May 2013

The Arms and Side Arms of Sir George Francis Hampson Bt

I was sent a link to a German hunting forum that was seeking to find out how old was a Webley pistol.  Amongst the images were the following impaled Arms:


The German forum had identified the sinister Arms as those of Lt Col Alexander Kennedy Clark Kennedy CB (from my Kennedy Armorial).  Being a bit pushed for time I added a post & link at the Heraldry Society of Scotland’s forum.  In about 30 minutes flat the dexter Arms were identified by Arthur Radburn as those of Hampson.

A bit more delving revealed that Sir George Francis Hampson, 10th Baronet, married Minnie Frances Clark-Kennedy in 1893.

Dexter: Argent three hemp-brakes Sable (Hampson)

Sinister:  Argent A chevron Gules. between three cross crosslets fitchee Sable in the middle chief a fleur de lys Azure on a chief ermine the representation of a French eagle and flag with the inscription ‘L’empereur Napoleon au 105me Regiment d’infanteric de ligne’ thereon, and a sword disposed saltire-ways, and over the same the word ‘Waterloo.’  (Kennedy)


29 January 2013

Hatchment: General Sir Henry Robert Ferguson Davie Bt

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Over at the Heraldry Society of Scotland’s web forum Richard d’Apice found that the Hatchment for General Sir Henry Robert Ferguson Davie Bt for sale by auction by Aldridges of Bath.  It had a guide price of between £100 and £150 but eventually sold for £1,150.  

The 107th edition of Burke’s Peerage & Baronetage describes Henry Robert Ferguson as the illegitimate son of Robert Ferguson of Raith.  On 22nd March 1823, he married Frances Juliana, daughter of Sir John Davie, 8th Baronet, of Creedy, and niece and heiress of Sir Humphrey Davie, 10th and last Baronet, of Creedy.  (Her eldest brother, Sir John Davie 9th Bt, died unmarried in 1824 and her other brother, William, died in 1822.) On 9th February 1846 he assumed by Royal license the additional surname and Arms of Davie and the following year the baronetcy held by his wife’s family was revived when he was created a Baronet, of Creedy in the County of Devon on 9 January 1847. Hatchment130129 The hatchment does differ from the modern blazon and is probably also incorrect in its background colours.

Arms (Hatchment):  Quarterly 1st & 4th Argent a chevron Sable between three mullets pierced Gules 2nd Azure three cinquefoils two and one Or upon a chief of the last a lion passant Gules 3rd three cinquefoils two and one Or on a canton Argent [details are not clear] in centre point the Badge of Ulster.

Impaling: Argent a chevron between three mullets Gules.

Arms (modern):  Quarterly 1st & 4th Argent a chevron Sable between three mullets pierced Gules 2nd & 3rd Azure three cinquefoils two and one Or upon a chief of the last a lion passant Gules  in centre point the Badge of Ulster.

Crest: A pascal lamb reguardant Gules.

Motto:  “Auspice Christo”  (Under the auspices of Christ)

Sir Henry Robert Ferguson Davie died 30th November 1885 with his wife predeceasing him on 12th April 1882.  On that basis the right hand half of the hatchment, representing his wife’s Arms, should  also have been painted black.

25 February 2012

Bookplate: [Sir] William Arbuthnot (1766-1829)

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A bookplate that keeps re-appearing for sale at eBay is one for William Arbuthnot.  The bookplate displays his Arms before he was created a baronet in 1822/3 (Arbuthnot Armorial).

Unusually, when he was created a baronet he also received supporters for his Arms.  Whilst Arbuthnot was the Provost of Edinburgh the King attended a dinner.  It is claimed that the King said if Arbuthnot could walk around the table unaided he would be granted Supporters for his Arms.


Azure a crescent between three mullets Argent within a bordure Or charged with three boars’ heads erased Gules.


A peacock’s head proper.


Dexter a wyvern Vert; Sinister, a greyhound Argent collar and line reflexed over the back Gules


Innocent and True

22 June 2011

Stern Armorial

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Following on from the earlier post Stern – One Family, Many Arms I have now added the Arms to my One Name Armorial – Stern

20 June 2011

Stern – One Family, Many Arms

On Saturday 18th June I went back to my old school, Lord Wandsworth’s College, for the first time in 30 or so years. In addition to doing all the “old boy” type things, I managed to take a couple of pictures of the founder’s Arms:

Sydney James Stern, Baron Wandsworth

Arms: Or on a pile Sable a lion rampant of the first a chief Gules thereon two horse’s heads erased Argent.

Crest: A lion passant proper gorged with a collar flory counterflory Gules resting the dexter forepaw on an escutcheon of the last charged with a horse’s head erased Argent.

Supporters: On either side a horse Argent gorged with a collar flory counterflory and charged on the shoulder an estoile within an annulet all Gules.

Motto: Vincit perseverantia

The Arms and supporters were granted in 1895 by the College of Arms (Vol LXVIII fol. 295;

Supporters fol. 297). Lord Wandsworth died in 1912 without issue and the title became extinct.

Whilst looking through Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families I found that Lord Wandsworth had a brother, Sir Edward Stern, who used different Arms. Fox-Davies also recorded a number of other Stern Arms with various differences which prompted me to delve a bit further into the family tree:

  1. Jacob Stern
    1. Wolf J. Stern (b.1801 d.1854)
    2. Abraham Jacob Stern (b.1805 d.1885)
    3. Julius Stern (b.1807 d.1852)
      1. James Julius Stern (b.1835 d.1901)
        1. Henry Julius Joseph Stern (b.1873)
          1. James Andrew Stern (b.1904)
          2. Reginald Hubert Stern (b.1906)
          3. Peter Francis Stern (1915)
        2. Sir Albert Gerald Stern (b.1878)
          1. John Frederick Albert Stern (b.1926)
          2. David Gerald Stern (b.1927)
        3. Frederick Claude Stern (b.1884)
    4. David Stern, 1st Viscount de Stern [Portugal](b.1808 d.1877)
      1. Sydney James Stern, 1st Baron Wandsworth, 2nd Viscount de Stern (b.1845 d.1912)
      2. Sir Edward David Stern Bt (b.1854)
    5. Siegmund Jacob Stern (b.1809 d.1872)
    6. Leopold Stern (b.1810 d. 1846)
    7. Hermann Stern, 1st Baron de Stern [Portugal] (b.1815 d.1887)
      1. Sir Herbert Stern, 1st Baron Michelham, 2nd Baron de Stern (b.1851 d.1919)
        1. Sir Hermann Alfred Stern. 2nd Baron Michelham, 3rd Baron de Stern (b.1899)
        2. Jack Herbert Stern (b.1903)
    8. Salomon Stern (b. 1818)

Originally from Germany at least three Stern brothers seem to have come to England, two via Portugal with titles of nobility.

The other Stern Arms listed by Fox-Davies:


25 February 2011

Harpur Crewe – More Livery buttons

The Harpur-Crewe baronets seem to be a source of at least three different sets of livery buttons.  In addition to that of Vauncey Harpur-Crewe (see earlier entry) there are two more on sale at eBay:

Image courtesy of the vendor, jibajaba.

Image courtesy of the vendor, hantsreg

These two button both display the Arms & Crests for Harpur-Crewe along with the baronet’s “Red Hand of Ulster” insignia and also the motto “Degeneranti Genus Opprobrium ”  (Lineage becomes a disgrace to the man who degenerates from it).

The top button also displays the wife’s Arms of:

Gules three bars embattled counter embattled.

So far I have been unable to find Arms of that blazon associated with the various wives.  The 4th baronet married Catherine Crewe, daughter and co-heir to Thomas Crewe, 2nd Baron of Crewe of  Stene around 1709.  The subsequent baronets married:

5th – Caroline Manners, daughter of the Duke of Rutland.

6th – Frances Elizabeth Greville, daughter of Earl of Brooke & Earl of Warwick.

7th – Anne Hawkins.

8th – Jane Whitaker, daughter of the Rev Thomas Whitaker.

9th – Georgiana Jane Henrietta Eliza Lovell, daughter of Vice Admiral William Stanhope Lovell.

10th – Isabel Adderley daughter of Charles Bowyer Adderley, 1st Baron Norton.

24 February 2011

Harpur Crewe – Livery button

An interesting livery button is listed on eBay.  Not only has it impaled Arms but three crests.

This appears to be the livery button of Vauncey Harpur-Crewe who married in 1846 the Hon Isabel Adderley daughter of Charles Bowyer Adderley, 1st Baron Norton.  Upon the death of his father in 1886 Vauncey Harpur-Crewe became the 10th Harpur-Crewe Baronet of Calke Abbey.


Quarterly 1st & 4th Azure a lion rampant (for Crewe) 2nd & 3rd Argent a lion rampant within a bordure engrailed Sable (Harpur)
Argent on a bend Azure three mascles of the field (for Adderley)


Left: Out of a ducal coronet Or a lion’s gamb Argent armed gules (Crewe)

Centre: Not identified

Right: A boar passant Or ducally gorged and crined Gules (Harpur)

I have had no joy so far in identifying the middle crest.  Since it has a cross I am wondering if it is some reference to Calke Abbey.

Image courtesy of the vendor, jibajaba.


My thanks again to Arthur Radburn over at the HSS. He found reference to:

The first of the family to be knighted apparently was Sir Robert le Harpur (seventh generation), son of Gilbert le Harpur and his wife Isolda (Morton) le Harpur. Sir Robert lived in the time of Edward II (1284-1327) and bore for his arms a plain cross, and the same for his crest, issuing out of a coronet.

So perhaps the middle crest is a reference to the ancient Harpur crest?

3 February 2011

Sir Ian Gilmour Bt – Bookplate

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The sale has just concluded of a more contemporary bookplate, that of Sir Ian Gilmour Bt, later Baron Gilmour of Craigmillar. The bookplate is most probably from between 1977 when he succeeded to the baronetcy and 1992 when he was made a life peer. Lord Gilmour died in 2007. His son, David, is now the 4th baronet.

Arms: Quarterly 1st & 4th Azure three writing-pens palewise Argent (Gilmour) 2nd & 3rd Sable on a saltire Argent a crescent Gules (Little)

Crest: A dexter hand holding a scroll of paper within a garland of laurels proper.

Motto: Nil Penna Sed Usus (Not the pen but its use)

Image courtesy of the vendor, kcc-cantab

20 January 2011

Sir Francis William Lowe Bt – Grant of Arms 1918

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The Grant of Arms to Sir Francis William Lowe, Knight and Baronet is on sale at eBay. The Grant is from 1918 and is signed by Alfred Scott-Gatty, Garter and William H Weldon, Clarenceux. Sir Francis probably petitioned for Arms after being created a Baronet on the 30th January of that year.

Unfortunately the pictures are not clear enough to read the text. The details of the Arms listed in the 1929 edition of Armorial Families are:

Arms: Erminois on a bend engrailed cottised plain Azure between two Stafford knots Sable three wolves’ heads erased Or.

Mantling: Azure and Or.

Crest: On a wreath of the colours a demi-gryphon erminois resting the sinister paw on a Stafford knot sable

Motto: Spero meliora (I hope for better things)

The baronetcy is still extant; the current baronet inherited the title in 1986 aged 23. A brief genealogy as below:

1. Sir Francis William Lowe, 1st Baronet (1852-1929)

1.1. Sir Francis Gordon Lowe, 2nd Baronet (1884-1972)

1.1.1. Sir Francis Reginald Gordon Lowe, 3rd Baronet (1931-1986) Sir Thomas William Gordon Lowe, 4th Baronet (b. 1963) Theodore Christopher William Lowe (b.2000) Christopher Francis Lowe (b.1964) William John Lowe (b.1972) by 2nd wife

1.2 Arthur Holden Lowe b.1886

1.3 John Claude Malcolm Lowe b.1888

1.4 Dorothy Mary


This sold for £310.

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