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13 September 2018

Grant of Arms: County of Roxburgh 1798

Auctioneers Lyon & Turnbull of Edinburgh are offering for sale the framed 1798 Grant of Arms to the County of Roxburgh.  The County of Roxburgh was the first Scottish county to receive a Grant of Arms.  The auction is due on 2nd October with an auctioneer’s estimate of £100 – £150.

Roxburgh LP Arms2

Roxburgh LP small

Arms: Azure a unicorn salient Argent horned maned and unguled Or the tail tufted of the last on a chief of the second a hunting-horn Sable stringed and viroled Gules between two esquires’ helmets of the field.
Crest: A dexter arm from the shoulder vambraced and brandishing a scimitar aloft proper. The last hilted and pommelled Or.
Motto: Ne Cede Malis Sed Contra Audentior Ito
Dated: 9th July 1798

Lord Lyon: Robert Auriol Drummond Hay, Earl of Kinnoull

2 November 2017

Mottisfont Priory, Hampshire

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At the weekend we made use of our National Trust membership for a quick visit to Mottisfont Priory.  The one bit of heraldry that caught my eye were the gates:


Burke’s General Armory gives the Arms of the Mill Baronets, who once owned the estate, as:

Arms: Per fesse Argent and Sable a pale counterchanged three bears salient of the second muzzled and chained Or.

Crest: A demi bear salient Sable muzzled and chained Or.

Motto: Aides Dieu



16 July 2017

Jo Cox MP

On the 24th June 2017 the Arms of the late Jo Cox MP were unveiled in the Houses of Parliament by her two children.  It was reported that the children were instrumental in the design of the Arms.

House of Commons Chamber 18.6.17 Cox

The Arms of Jo Cox MP – courtesy Baz Manning


Arms: Barry wavy Vert and Purpure a Chevronel Argent between in chief a White Rose and a Red Rose proper both barbed seeded and slipped the stalks conjoined Or and in base a Red Rose and a White Rose proper both barbed seeded and slipped the stalks conjoined Or.

Motto: More in Common.

College of Arms Grant 10/17. Agent Garter

The Arms were painted by Baz Manning, who is the heraldic artist to both the Palace of Westminster and The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn.  Baz advised that the tinctures green, purple and white are those of the Suffragettes and the the roses were blazoned as “proper” to avoid breaking the “colour on colour” rule.


11 July 2017

Grant of Arms: John Connocke of Lescarde 1577

Spink & Son auctioned today the 1577 Grant of Arms to John Connocke of Lescarde (Liskeard).

John Connock  was a tanner, who owned the manor of Hagland as well as a town house at Moncton’s Corner, Liskeard.  He was mayor of Liskeard on four occasions.

John Connocke of Lescarde 2

John Connocke of Lescarde Arms

Arms: “Silver a Fesse Danse bettwen three Egletts displaied Gules” .

Crest: “Uppon the heaulme oute off a crowne a deme Griffon Golde”.

John Connocke of Lescarde Grantees

Harleian Society: Grantees Of Arms

John Connocke of Lescarde V1620

Heralds’ Visitation of Cornwall 1620

8 June 2016

Church of St Michael the Archangel, Aldershot

In May 2014 I visited the Church of St Michael the Archangel, Aldershot.  I managed just a few photographs of the monuments therein.

Tichborne _Ellen_Monument

Monument to the “Lady Ellen Tichborne” (b. 1589 d.1606) the eldest daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert White of Aldershot and wife of Sir Richard Tichborne

Dexter side:

Vair a chief Or differenced by a label of three points Azure (for Tichborne)

Sinister side:

Vair a chief Or differenced by a label of three points Azure (for Tichborne) impaling Party per fess Azure and Or a pale counterchanged on the Azure three plates each charged with two bars wavy Vert and on the Or as many lion’s heads erased Gules (for White)

Tichborne _Mary_Monument

Monument to the “Lady Mary Tichborne” (d.1620) the younger daughter and co-heir of Sir Robert White and wife of Sir Walter Tichborne

Dexter side;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Party per fess Azure and Or a pale counterchanged on the Azure three plates each charged with two bars wavy Vert and on the Or as many lion’s heads erased Gules (for White) 2nd & 3rd Ermine on chevron cotised Sable three martlets Or (for Bradley)


Vair a chief Or (for Tichborne) impaling Quarterly 1st & 4th Party per fess Azure and Or a pale counterchanged on the Azure three plates each charged with two bars wavy Vert and on the Or as many lion’s heads erased Gules (for White) 2nd & 3rd Ermine on chevron cotised Sable three martlets Or (for Bradley)

Sinister side;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Vair a chief Or (for Tichborne) 2nd Party per fess Azure and Or a pale counterchanged on the Azure three plates each charged with two bars wavy Vert and on the Or as many lion’s heads erased Gules (for White) 3rd Ermine on chevron cotised Sable three martlets Or (for Bradley).


Funeral Helm

A lion’s head erased quarterly Or and Azure gutty counterchanged (for White).


The Church also has pedigree that was prepared by the College of Arms in 1966 which “is designed to illuminate the heraldry which appears upon the Memoral Brass to Sir John White…“.  The pedigree is signed by Colin Cole when Windsor Herald.

7 June 2016

Michael Herbert Hall, Wilton

Whilst doing a purge of various photographs on my phone I came across the one below I took in March 2013.


The Arms are displayed above the entrance to the Michael Herbert Hall in Wilton, Wiltshire.

Arms: Per pale and Azure three lions rampant Argent.

Crest: A wyvern wings elevated Vert holding in the mouth a sinister hand couped at the wrist Gules.

Motto: Ung Je Serviray (One Will I Serve)

The Hall, part of the Wilton House Estate, is described in its website as having been built “in 1932 to commemorate the younger brother of Sidney, 16th Earl of Pembroke“.  I do not presume to tell the Earls of Pembroke their family history, but Burke’s Peerage does not show a younger brother of the 16th Earl called Michael.  Sidney, the 14th Earl, did have a younger brother, Sir Michael Henry Herbert KCMG, CB, PC (b.1857 d.1903).  Sir Michael had two sons, Sidney and Michael.  The younger son, Michael George Herbert, died in 1932 unmarried aged 39.


Any suggestions?




14 December 2015

Royal License: Patrick Robert Gordon Canning 1849

The sale on eBay of the concluded on 30th October 2015 for £349.99 (Vendor: ephemeralmayfly) of the Letter Patent by the College of Arms dated 31st December 1849 granting Patrick Robert Gordon and his wife Maria (eldest daughter of Robert Canning late of Foxcote), by Royal License, the use of the Name of Canning after Gordon and quartering the Arms of Canning with those of Gordon.

 Gordon Canning Robert


Arms: Quarterly 1st & 4th Argent three negroes heads couped proper wreathered about the temples of the first and Sable for distinction a cross crosslet in chief of the last (for Canning) 2nd & 3rd Azure on a chevron ermine between three boars’ heads erased Or a stag’s head erased Or (for Gordon of Milrig)

Crest: A stag’s head erased proper (for Gordon of Milrig)

Motto: Dum Vigilo Tutus & (over the crest) By Dand

The Letters Patent also state:

And the crest for Gordon (the Arms of Canning being set forth without a crest there not appearing any recorded to this branch of the family in the books of the College of Arms) as the same are in the margin hereof more plainly depicted to be born and used forever hereafter by him the said Patrick Robert Gordon Canning and (without the said distinction) by the issue of the marriage of the said Patrick Robert Gordon Canning and Maria his wife….”

However, the family seem to have used a Canning crest of “A demi-lion rampant Argent holding in the dexter pay a battleaxe proper” but retained the distinction in Burke’s Landed Gentry and the 1929 edition of Armorial Families:

Pages of Pages of armorialfamilies01foxd_page_001



7 May 2014

Hopkinson of Wootton Court and of Edgeworth Manor, Glos

Earlier this year I was contacted by Richard Crook, of the landscape architects Portus & Whitton, to see if I could identify some heraldic stonework unearthed in land that was once part of the kitchen garden of Edgeworth Manor, Gloustershire.

Edgeworth Manor Coat of Arms1

A trawl through Burke’s General Armory looking at Arms associated with the surnames of various owners of Edgeworth Manor was not conclusive.  The closest match was for Hopkinson of Lofthouse, Yorkshire “Vert three pillows ermine“. That hinted towards Edmund Hopkinson who bought the manor in 1832 and died in 1869.

Richard then advised that Edmund’s father was George Caesar Hopkinson of Wootton Court who had served in the King’s Light Dragoons.  The Harleian Society’s Grantees of Arms made mention of a Grant of Arms to a Lt Col Hopkinson of Wootton Court in 1823.  Unfortunately, I could not find any mention of the blazon in any of my reference books or on the Internet.  After numerous searches I did manage to find a rather poor quality image of Edmund Hopkinson’s bookplate. That at least was sufficient evidence to confirm the identity of the stonework.

Edmund Hopkinson Bookplate2

I am extremely grateful to Timothy Duke, Chester Herald, who kindly supplied the full blazon;

The arms are blazoned Vert a Horse’s head couped Argent bridled Sable between three Cushions Ermine tasselled Or and the crest on a wreath of the colours (ie Argent and Vert) A dexter Arm embowed habited Azure cuff Gules (being the Uniform of His Majesty’s aforesaid 15th Regiment of Dragoons) the hand grasping a Sabre the Arm entwined with a Laurel branch all proper and in an Escocheon the word EMSDORF.  Below the arms is inscribed the motto ONCE AND ALWAYS (Coll Arm ms Grants 34, 10).

Using that blazon I had a go at producing my rendition of the Arms;

Hopkinson-ColonelI had not realised that the Battle of Emsdorf, in which the 15th Light Dragoons played a major role, was the first instance of a battle honour being awarded to a British Regiment.  I am a bit puzzled by the blazon for the crest because the various pictures of the 15th have them with red sleeves and blue cuffs.


18 January 2012

The Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund, Salisbury

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A couple of weekends ago I was in Salisbury with the family and I re-visited the Parish Church of St Thomas and St Edmund.  My first visit was a bit of a failure because my digital camera died on me.  However, this time armed with my new camera and in the company of my father-in-law I had more success.

As a interim step I have uploaded some of the pictures to photobucket.  The link below will take you to the gallery via the main website.


26 September 2011

City of London – Some Heraldry

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On Saturday 24th September I was up in the City to attend a Regimental lunch at HMS President (RNR) in St Katherine’s Dock. I arrived early enough to stroll round my old haunts in the City from when I worked in the Lloyd’s Insurance market. A few random heraldic photographs:

The Union Discount Company of London

Doorway of St Andrew's Undershaft

Arms of the Clothworkers' Company


Leadenhall Market, Arms of the City of London

My main effort was in the Church of All Hallows by the Tower.  That will be a major project in its own right – time permitting.

8 September 2011

Actress Emilia Fox’s Arms

As a keen student of genealogy I have been watching the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are? Last night it was the turn of the actress Emilia Fox.  The latter part of the programme covered her great great grandfather Samson Fox.  He was the guiding force behind Harrogate’s Royal Hall.  The show briefly displayed a view of his Arms in the ceiling of the Hall:

Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families gives the blazon as:

Arms: Argent a representation of a corrugated boiler-flue fesseways proper between two foxes courant Gules each holding in their mouth a trefoil slipped  Vert.
Crest: A representation of a corrugated boiler-flue as in the Arms and thereupon a fox Gules resting the dexter pay upon a trefoil slipped Vert.
Motto: Forti Nihil Difficile. (To the brave, nothing is difficult.)

The Harleian Society’s Grantees of Arms has the following:

23 July 2011

St Mary’s Church, Buriton, Hampshire

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A new webpage has been added for St Mary’s Church, Buriton, Hampshire.

13 June 2011

Cornwall County Council Arms

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Cornwall County Council Arms

The Arms of Cornwall County Council as displayed at Land’s End.

Arms: Sable fifteen Bezants in pile within a Bordure barry wavy of eight Argent and Azure.
Crest: On a Wreath Argent and Azure a Chough proper resting the dexter claw upon a Ducal Coronet Or.
Supporters: On the dexter side a Fisherman holding over the exterior shoulder a net and on the sinister side a Miner resting the exterior hand on a sledge hammer all proper.
Motto:  One and all.

The Arms were granted 5th April 1939.

11 June 2011

Bolitho Arms – Paul Church

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Paul Parish Church contains a wooden screen upon which are various Arms.  Unfortunately,  during my very quick visit I did not find any details.  The Arms above are probably for a descendant of Simon Bolitho (b.1695 d.1787) who married Mary, daughter and heir of Edward Borlase, by Prudence, daughter and heir of Peter Trevelyan, of Basell, in Cornwall.

The Dexter Arms:

1st  and 4th Ermine on a plain chevron between two chevronels engrailed and three fleurs-de-lis Sable five bezants (Bolitho)
2nd Ermine  on a bend Sable two hands and arms issuing out of the clouds at the elbows rending a horseshoe Or (Borlase)
3rd Gules a demi horse Argent hoofed and maned Or issuing out of water in base proper (Trevelyan)


1st  Or a mountain Azure inflamed proper (MacLeod of  Cadboll *)
2nd Gules, three legs conjoined and armed Proper garnished Or (Lordship of Man)
3rd Or, lymphad: Sable, sail furled, oars in action, flags Gules  (Lordship of the Isles )
4th Azure, a castle triple-towered and embattled argent, masined sable, windows and porch gules. (McLeod)

The wife’s 1st quarter currently eludes me.  A Bolitho did marry a Mcleod in the 1880s.  More research required.  * My thanks to Arthur Radburn


The Arms are those of Lt Col William Edward Thomas Bolitho DSO  [Burke’s landed Gentry – Bolitho of Trengwainton] and Ethel Grace MacLeod, daughter of Robert Bruce AEnaeas MacLeod of Cadboll. He was only surviving son of William Bolitho of Polwithen and Mary Hichens Yonge, daughter and co-heir of William Yonge.


Colonel Bolitho  died in 1919¹ having resigned command of the 2/1st Royal Devon Yeomanry in 1918 because of bad health.  Both his sons pre-deceased him, Lt William Torquill MacLeod Bolitho was killed in action in 1915 aged 22.  He left a daughter, Brenda Grace.


¹ Col Bolitho’s effects were valued at £176,114 6s 8d for Probate in 1919.

11 September 2009

Heraldry on the BBC – Waking the Dead

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Whilst watching a recent episode of the BBC’s “Waking the Dead” I noticed some heraldic stained glass in one scene. Using the marvellous BBC iPlayer I managed to get this screenshot;


The story line has the location as a convent in Ireland. However, I dare say the BBC’s location budget puts the building a bit closer to London.

Now to identify the five sets of Arms and the building.

My start;

Window – L to R Blazon Armiger
1 Argent two bars wavy between three eagles displayed Azure .
2 . .
3 . .
4 Gules two chevron(el)s Argent .
5 Argent three mullets Azure within a bordure Sable .

10 March 2008

Edington Priory Church, Wiltshire

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Over the weekend of the 8th/9th March I visited Edington Priory Church. A selection of the pictures taken in the Church can be viewed in a slide show linked below;

Edington Priory Church slideshow

Edington Armorial 

26 February 2008

Earl of Warrington – Bowdon Parish Church

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My thanks to Richard Lichten who sent me a number of photographs of heraldic memorials in Bowdon Parish Church. One of which is for Henry Booth, 1st Earl of Warrington, and his wife Mary (nee Langham of Cottesbrooke)

Booth & Langham

Booth – Quarterly of 9

  1. Argent three boars’ heads erect Sable (for Booth)
  2. Argent a fess engrailed Gules (for Barton)
  3. Azure two bars Argent in chief as many mullets of the last (for Venables of Bollen)
  4. Argent on a bend Azure three garbs Or (for Fitton)
  5. Quarterly Gules and Or in the first quarter a lion passant Argent (for Massey)
  6. Bendy Or and Azure (for Mountfort)
  7. Argent on a chief Azure two fleur-de-lys Or (Clinton of Coleshill)
  8. Argent a mullet Sable (for Ashton)
  9. Argent a lion rampant Gules between three pheons Sable (for Egerton)

Impaling Langham – Quarterly of 6

  1. Argent three bears’ heads erased Sable muzzled Or (for Langham of Cottesbrooke)
  2. Ermine a chevron Gules within a bordure engrailed Sable
  3. Azure two bends Argent
  4. Gules two lions passant Argent (for Strange)
  5. Azure 10 estoiles Or 4,3,2,1
  6. Sable three horses’ heads erased Argent a canton ermine

14 December 2007

Unthank Arms

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Arms were granted to Unthank of Intwood Hall, Norfolk in 1863 – Vol. LV fol. 68

Or a saltire Gules beween two crescents in pale of the last and as many gryphons’ heads erased in fess Sable.

The grantee was most likely to be Clement William Unthank JP, DL. He married in 1835 Mary Anne Muskett the only daughter and heir to Joseph Salisbury Muskett of Intwood Hall. Joseph Muskett died in 1860. No doubt the inheritance of the estate of over 2,400 acres prompted Clement Unthank to petition for a grant of Arms. Clement died in 1884 aged about 79.

His immediate descendants;

  1. Lt-Col Clement William Joseph Unthank b.1847 m.1873 Judith Sarah Onley d.1936
    1. Lt Clement William Onley Unthank b.1874 d.1900 at Lucknow
    2. John Salusbury Unthank b.1875 m.1909 d.1959
      1. Margaret Beatrice Unthank b.1910 d.1995
    3. Judith Marian Unthank b.1876
    4. Maria Janet Unthank b.1877
    5. Ralph Arthur Unthank b.1880
    6. Marjory E Unthank b.1881
    7. Ursula Clementine Unthank b.1886
    8. Dorothy Mary Unthank b.1888 m.1928 William Edward van Cutsem
    9. Cicely May Unthank b.1889
    10. Amy Violet Unthank b.1893 m.1916 John H Leche (tbc)
  2. John Unthank b.1849
  3. Mary Anne Clementine Unthank b.1843
  4. Elizabeth Salisbury Unthank b.1845

Given that Mary Anne Muskett was also a heraldic heiress, her children could quarter her Arms with those of their father;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Or a saltire Gules beween two crescents in pale of the last and as many gryphons’ heads erased in fess Sable (for Unthank) 2nd & 3rd Argent two bars between six lions’ heads caboshed Gules (for Muskett).

The Intwood estate was inherited by Miss Margaret Beatrice Unthank from her father, John Salusbury Unthank, in 1960. When she died in 1995, her cousin, Mrs. Jan Darling and family continue to live at Intwood Hall. It would appear that the Hall has be subsequently sold – http://www.ckd.co.uk/intwood.html .

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