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4 May 2013

The Arms and Side Arms of Sir George Francis Hampson Bt

I was sent a link to a German hunting forum that was seeking to find out how old was a Webley pistol.  Amongst the images were the following impaled Arms:


The German forum had identified the sinister Arms as those of Lt Col Alexander Kennedy Clark Kennedy CB (from my Kennedy Armorial).  Being a bit pushed for time I added a post & link at the Heraldry Society of Scotland’s forum.  In about 30 minutes flat the dexter Arms were identified by Arthur Radburn as those of Hampson.

A bit more delving revealed that Sir George Francis Hampson, 10th Baronet, married Minnie Frances Clark-Kennedy in 1893.

Dexter: Argent three hemp-brakes Sable (Hampson)

Sinister:  Argent A chevron Gules. between three cross crosslets fitchee Sable in the middle chief a fleur de lys Azure on a chief ermine the representation of a French eagle and flag with the inscription ‘L’empereur Napoleon au 105me Regiment d’infanteric de ligne’ thereon, and a sword disposed saltire-ways, and over the same the word ‘Waterloo.’  (Kennedy)


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