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9 March 2013

Bookplate: Frank McKno Bladon

I recently bought a copy of Gayre’s Heraldic Standards and other Ensigns at a book fair in Wilton, near Salisbury, the seat of the Earls of Pembroke.  The nice added “extra” for me was that it also included the bookplate for Frank McKno Bladon:


Arms: Gules three chevronels between in chief two mascles flory and in base an annulet all Argent.
Crest: On a wreath of the colours a griffin Gules resting the sinister claw on an annulet and charged on the wing with a mascle flory both as in the Arms.
Motto: Spe et Labore.

My initial search revealed the Arms in Fox-Davies’ 1929 Edition of Armorial Families:


I had a look in Burke’s General Armory* and the Harleian Society’s Grantees of Arms for more details about the Grant of Arms without success.  However, in Gayre’s Armorial Who is Who 1979-1980 he notes that the Arms were granted by the College of Arms 14 Aug 1928 in the name of John McKno Bladon (Frank McKno Bladon’s father).

In Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families the entry also lists the son of John McKno Bladon’s cousin as an armiger.  That would be the case if John McKno Bladon had the Grant of Arms in the name/memory of his grandfather, Thomas Bladon.

Through the power of Google and Ancestry.co.uk the family is as below.  Those in brown are the implied armigers if Fox-Davies is correct.  Those in blue are armigers as the Grantee and his descendants.

Descendants of Thomas Bladon

1 Thomas Bladon  + Sarah Timms b: 30 Oct 1804 in Ashby De La Zouch, Leicestershire, England, m: 05 Apr 1831 in Birmingham, West Midlands, England, d: 31 Mar 1901

1.1 George Thomas Bladon b: 1832 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England, d: 1916 in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England; Age at Death: 84   + Mary Jane Hunt b: Abt. 1839 in Newton, Leicestershire, England, m: 06 Aug 1861

1.1.1 Emily Timms Bladon b: 11 Sep 1862 in London, London, Middlesex, England, d: 07 Sep 1945

1.1.2 Henry John Hunt Bladon b: Sep 1865 in Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom, d: 02 May 1896 in Hertfordshire, England; Age at Death: 30   + Edith Russell b: Abt. 1869 in Neston, Cheshire, England, m: 11 Apr 1894 in Wirral, Cheshire Harold Russell Hunt Bladon b: 1895 in Bushey, Hertfordshire, England, d: 21 Aug 1933 in Middlesex, England; Age at Death: 37   + Carmen Elbo   + Lisa Elisevieta

1.2 Francis Finch Bladon b: 10 Feb 1838 in Walsall, Staffordshire, England, d: 15 Jan 1922 in Kinston upon Hull, Yorkshire-East Riding, England; Age at Death: 83  + Margaret Craig McKno b: Abt. 1832 in Honiton, Devon, England, m: 14 Aug 1862 in Honiton, Devon, England

1.2.1John McKno Bladon b: 29 Jul 1865 in Honiton, Devon, England, d: 06 Jun 1956 in Yorkshire, England; Age at Death: 90 + Ethel Dickinson b: Abt. 1874 in Gosforth, Northumberland, England, m: 19 Apr 1898 Dickinson Bladon b: 25 Nov 1907 in Sutton Hull, d: Sep 1979 in Hull, Humberside, England; Age at Death: 71  + Gertrude Mary Roe m: 06 Jul 1946 in Bridgwater, Somerset Finch Bladon b: 30 Aug 1947 in Westmorland; Hull, Yorkshire, Northumberland + Alison Morag Robin b: 27 Jul 1955, m: 1979 in Derby, Derbyshire, England James Christopher Bladon b: Dec 1981 in Beverley, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire Jane Bladon b: Dec 1983 in Beverley, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire Simon McKno Bladon b: 16 May 1952 in Westmorland; Hull, Yorkshire, Northumberland + Rebecca A D Hall m: 1985 in Kensington and Chelsea, London Dickinson Bladon b: 10 Apr 1990 in Lambeth, Greater London McKno Bladon b: 12 Jan 1989 in Lambeth, Greater London Camilla Mary Bladon b: 10 Jan 1987 in Lambeth, Greater London Margaret Bladon b: 15 Feb 1899 in Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding, United Kingdom, d: Sep 1978 in Hull, Humberside, England; Age at Death: 79 McKno Bladon b: 26 Jul 1902 in Sculcoates, Yorkshire East Riding, United Kingdom, d: Sep 1970 in Mere, Wiltshire, England; Age at Death: 68  + Lilias Graeme Kington-Blair-Oliphant b: 10 Jul 1904, m: 01 Mar 1930, d: Mar 1989 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England; Age at Death: 84 Francis Oliphant Bladon b: 08 Mar 1931 + Brenda Joyce Tattersall m: 04 Dec 1954 in Hong Kong, China Frances Bladon b: 20 Jun 1959 Diana Elizabeth Bladon b: 25 Jun 1956 Margaret Bladon b: 01 Mar 1934 in England

*  Burke’s General Armory has three entries for Bladen that may have been the “template” for the Bladon Grant of Arms:
  1. Col Bladen 1715 – Arms: Gules three chevronnels Argent Crest: On a ducal crown a griffin passant winges extended Or holding in his mouth an arrow proper.
  2. Bladen, Glastonbury – Arms: Gules three chevrons Argent Crest: A greyhound’s head erased proper.
  3. Bladen (Alderman of Dublin 1663) Arms: Or three mascles in fess fleury Gules on a canton Azure a chevron of the field.

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