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25 February 2012

Bookplate: [Sir] William Arbuthnot (1766-1829)

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A bookplate that keeps re-appearing for sale at eBay is one for William Arbuthnot.  The bookplate displays his Arms before he was created a baronet in 1822/3 (Arbuthnot Armorial).

Unusually, when he was created a baronet he also received supporters for his Arms.  Whilst Arbuthnot was the Provost of Edinburgh the King attended a dinner.  It is claimed that the King said if Arbuthnot could walk around the table unaided he would be granted Supporters for his Arms.


Azure a crescent between three mullets Argent within a bordure Or charged with three boars’ heads erased Gules.


A peacock’s head proper.


Dexter a wyvern Vert; Sinister, a greyhound Argent collar and line reflexed over the back Gules


Innocent and True

24 February 2012

Livery Button: Geddes of Rachan

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eBay has this livery button which could be Geddes of Rachan

The Arms for Geddes of Rachan are:

Gules an escutcheon Argent between three pike-heads (or geds’ heads) couped Or.


A pike’s head couped proper.


Capta Majora (Employed in Greater Things)

Bookplate: Theodore Radford Forrester Thomson (1897-1981)

The bookplate of Theodore Radford Forrester Thomson (Thomson Armorial) is on sale at eBay.


Potent Argent and Azure on a bend Sable a mullet between two stags’ heads cabossed Or


A gauntleted hand erect in pale holding a flaming torch in bend proper


Above the Crest: Acquanimitas (With Even Mind)

Below the Shield: Veritas Praevalebit (Truth Will Prevail)

He was the youngest son of Rev. Prof. John Radford Thomson.  His Arms were matriculated in the Lyon Register in 1923. His bother, Rev. Canon Clement Reynolds Thomas, matriculated Arms in 1924 (Potent Argent and Azure on a bend Sable two stags’ heads cabossed Or) and his cousin, Charles Sheldon Thomson, also matriculated Arms in 1923 (Potent Argent and Azure on a bend engrailed Sable two stags’ heads cabossed Or).  These are also noted in Arthur C Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families (1929 Edition).

More family details can be viewed online at Thomson & Forrester of Corstorphine Pedigree.

17 February 2012

Bookplate: Maj-Gen Sir Edward Wolstenholme Ward

Another bookplate on sale at eBaythat of Maj.-Gen. Sir Edward Wolstenholme Ward.


Quarterly 1st & 4th Azure a cross patonce Or (for Ward) 2nd & 3rd Gules three cinquefoils ermine on a chief Or a human heart of the first (for Hamilton of Bangor)


A Saracen’s head affrontee couped below the shoulders proper wreathed around the temples Or and Azure and adorned with three ostrich feathers.


Sub Cruce Salus (Salvation comes from the cross)

Sir Edward was the great-grandson of the 1st Viscount Bangor and nephew to the 3rd.  The Hamilton quarter was from Anne Catharine Hamilton, mother of the 1st Viscount and daughter and co-heiress of James Hamilton of Bangor, co. Down.


15 February 2012

Bookplate – Henry Theophilus Clements of Ashfield Lodge, co.Cavan (1820-1904)

Another bookplate on sale on eBay is that of Lt Col Henry Theophilus Clements DL JP. However, the sale site has incorrectly identified the bookplate as belonging to Henry’s grandfather, Lt Col Henry Theophilus Clements (1734-1795).

Argent two bends wavy Sable on a chief Gules three bezants
Azure on a chief Or a demi lion rampant issuant Gules (for Markham)
A hawk proper
Patriis Virtutibus (By Hereditary Virtues)

In 1868 Henry married Gertrude Caroline Lucy Markham, daughter of Reverend David Frederick Markham. They had six children, 4 sons and two daughters

9 February 2012

Bookplate: Edward Akroyd MP JP DL of Bankfield

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A bookplate linked to one of my Armorials has caught my eye over at eBay, that of Edward Akroyd MP JP DL of Bankfield.

Edward Akroyd married Elizabeth, daughter of John Fearby of Poppleton Lodge, in 1838. Elizabeth died in 1884 and Edward died in 1887. They had no children.

Azure a chevron and in base a stag’s head erased Argent on a chief of the last two stags’ heads erased of the field.
Argent a chevron engrailed between three lions’ heads erased Sable (Fearby of Poppleton*)
In front of a stag’s head proper three spear heads Sable encircled by a wreath of oak
In Veritate Victoria (Victory in Truth)

My Akroyd armorial can be viewed at www.heraldry-online.org.uk/akroyd.html

* The Arms used by Fearby are listed as Fereby in Burke’s General Armory.

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