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27 July 2011

Russell Grant a Grantee

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It appears that the TV astrologer, Russell Grant, is a Grantee of Arms from the College of Arms, London.   Russell has his own web page on the topic here.

I plan to add his Arms to my Grant Armorial in due course.  From his website I have had a go at emblazoning his Arms as below:

Arms of Russell Grant - 1st attempt

To be absolutely sure I will need to have the actual blazon from the Letters Patent.  I’ve dropped Russell’s “team” a line and await a reply. Failing that, I will have to try other avenues.


My initial stab at the blazon is:

Azure two seaxes in saltire pommelled and hilted Or between four estoiles two in fess of the last and two in pale Argent.

I am sure some of my fellow heraldry enthusiasts can correct me.

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  1. Not even the College of Arms seems to be blazoning arms with “of the first”, “of the second”, “of the last” anymore, as having too much potential for confusing.

    Additionally, I have always heard that, other things being equal, you generally blazon items from chief to base as well as from dexter to sinister.

    So my attempt would be: Azure two seaxes in saltire Argent pommelled and hilted Or between two estoiles in pale Argent and two more in fess Or.

    Just my two cents’ worth.


    Comment by David B. Appleton — 29 July 2011 @ 16:42 | Reply

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