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22 June 2011

Stern Armorial

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Following on from the earlier post Stern – One Family, Many Arms I have now added the Arms to my One Name Armorial – Stern

20 June 2011

Stern – One Family, Many Arms

On Saturday 18th June I went back to my old school, Lord Wandsworth’s College, for the first time in 30 or so years. In addition to doing all the “old boy” type things, I managed to take a couple of pictures of the founder’s Arms:

Sydney James Stern, Baron Wandsworth

Arms: Or on a pile Sable a lion rampant of the first a chief Gules thereon two horse’s heads erased Argent.

Crest: A lion passant proper gorged with a collar flory counterflory Gules resting the dexter forepaw on an escutcheon of the last charged with a horse’s head erased Argent.

Supporters: On either side a horse Argent gorged with a collar flory counterflory and charged on the shoulder an estoile within an annulet all Gules.

Motto: Vincit perseverantia

The Arms and supporters were granted in 1895 by the College of Arms (Vol LXVIII fol. 295;

Supporters fol. 297). Lord Wandsworth died in 1912 without issue and the title became extinct.

Whilst looking through Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families I found that Lord Wandsworth had a brother, Sir Edward Stern, who used different Arms. Fox-Davies also recorded a number of other Stern Arms with various differences which prompted me to delve a bit further into the family tree:

  1. Jacob Stern
    1. Wolf J. Stern (b.1801 d.1854)
    2. Abraham Jacob Stern (b.1805 d.1885)
    3. Julius Stern (b.1807 d.1852)
      1. James Julius Stern (b.1835 d.1901)
        1. Henry Julius Joseph Stern (b.1873)
          1. James Andrew Stern (b.1904)
          2. Reginald Hubert Stern (b.1906)
          3. Peter Francis Stern (1915)
        2. Sir Albert Gerald Stern (b.1878)
          1. John Frederick Albert Stern (b.1926)
          2. David Gerald Stern (b.1927)
        3. Frederick Claude Stern (b.1884)
    4. David Stern, 1st Viscount de Stern [Portugal](b.1808 d.1877)
      1. Sydney James Stern, 1st Baron Wandsworth, 2nd Viscount de Stern (b.1845 d.1912)
      2. Sir Edward David Stern Bt (b.1854)
    5. Siegmund Jacob Stern (b.1809 d.1872)
    6. Leopold Stern (b.1810 d. 1846)
    7. Hermann Stern, 1st Baron de Stern [Portugal] (b.1815 d.1887)
      1. Sir Herbert Stern, 1st Baron Michelham, 2nd Baron de Stern (b.1851 d.1919)
        1. Sir Hermann Alfred Stern. 2nd Baron Michelham, 3rd Baron de Stern (b.1899)
        2. Jack Herbert Stern (b.1903)
    8. Salomon Stern (b. 1818)

Originally from Germany at least three Stern brothers seem to have come to England, two via Portugal with titles of nobility.

The other Stern Arms listed by Fox-Davies:


13 June 2011

Cornwall County Council Arms

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Cornwall County Council Arms

The Arms of Cornwall County Council as displayed at Land’s End.

Arms: Sable fifteen Bezants in pile within a Bordure barry wavy of eight Argent and Azure.
Crest: On a Wreath Argent and Azure a Chough proper resting the dexter claw upon a Ducal Coronet Or.
Supporters: On the dexter side a Fisherman holding over the exterior shoulder a net and on the sinister side a Miner resting the exterior hand on a sledge hammer all proper.
Motto:  One and all.

The Arms were granted 5th April 1939.

12 June 2011

Fetherstonhaugh of Uppark

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Fetherstonhaugh of Uppark

Uppark House

Another “missed” set of photographs, this time from a visit to Uppark House, near Petersfield, Hampshire in 2007.

Arms: Gules on chevron between three ostrich feathers Argent an ogres.

Crest: An antelope statant Argent armed Or

The Uppark estate was purchased in 1747 by Sir Matthew Fetherstonhaugh Bt who set about extensive improvements.  The estate then passed to the colourful Sir Henry/Harry Fetherstonhaugh Bt who married his dairy maid, Mary Ann Bullock.  Their funeral hatchments are in St Mary’s Church, South Harting.

11 June 2011

Bolitho Arms – Paul Church

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Paul Parish Church contains a wooden screen upon which are various Arms.  Unfortunately,  during my very quick visit I did not find any details.  The Arms above are probably for a descendant of Simon Bolitho (b.1695 d.1787) who married Mary, daughter and heir of Edward Borlase, by Prudence, daughter and heir of Peter Trevelyan, of Basell, in Cornwall.

The Dexter Arms:

1st  and 4th Ermine on a plain chevron between two chevronels engrailed and three fleurs-de-lis Sable five bezants (Bolitho)
2nd Ermine  on a bend Sable two hands and arms issuing out of the clouds at the elbows rending a horseshoe Or (Borlase)
3rd Gules a demi horse Argent hoofed and maned Or issuing out of water in base proper (Trevelyan)


1st  Or a mountain Azure inflamed proper (MacLeod of  Cadboll *)
2nd Gules, three legs conjoined and armed Proper garnished Or (Lordship of Man)
3rd Or, lymphad: Sable, sail furled, oars in action, flags Gules  (Lordship of the Isles )
4th Azure, a castle triple-towered and embattled argent, masined sable, windows and porch gules. (McLeod)

The wife’s 1st quarter currently eludes me.  A Bolitho did marry a Mcleod in the 1880s.  More research required.  * My thanks to Arthur Radburn


The Arms are those of Lt Col William Edward Thomas Bolitho DSO  [Burke’s landed Gentry – Bolitho of Trengwainton] and Ethel Grace MacLeod, daughter of Robert Bruce AEnaeas MacLeod of Cadboll. He was only surviving son of William Bolitho of Polwithen and Mary Hichens Yonge, daughter and co-heir of William Yonge.


Colonel Bolitho  died in 1919¹ having resigned command of the 2/1st Royal Devon Yeomanry in 1918 because of bad health.  Both his sons pre-deceased him, Lt William Torquill MacLeod Bolitho was killed in action in 1915 aged 22.  He left a daughter, Brenda Grace.


¹ Col Bolitho’s effects were valued at £176,114 6s 8d for Probate in 1919.

9 June 2011

Pendarves of Roscrow

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Rev’d Henry Pendarves (b.1654  d.1739)

Another monument in Paul Church is to Henry Pendarves, his wife, Maria Borlase (b. 1669 d.1759), and their daughter Margaret (b.1701 d.1742).

Henry was the son of Thomas Samuel Pendarves of Roscrow.  Maria was the daughter of John Borlase of Pendeen.  Margaret married the Rev’d Walter Borlase [I’ve not found the family relationship].


Sable a falcon between three mullets Or (Pendarves)


Pean¹ on a bend Sable two hands and arms ² issuing out of the clouds at the elbows rending a horsehoe Or (Borlase).

The Arms for Pendarves were recorded in the Visitation of Cornwall in 1620.  The Borlase Arms, as displayed differ, from the entries in Burke’s General Armory: – ¹ Ermine & ² All proper.

7 June 2011

Penneck of Tregembo

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Rev’d Henry Penneck  (b.1715 d.1784)

Paul Parish church contains a monument to the memory of the Rev’d Henry Penneck, second son of Charles Penneck of Tregembo, and of his wife Juliana Clutterbuck.

Arms: Argent on a chevron Gules between three wrens’ heads erased proper as many escallops Or.


Azure a lion rampant contourné Or in chief three escallops of the second (for Clutterbuck).

Crest:  A dexter arm embowed sleeved Gules cuffed Or the hand holding a wren proper.

The Penneck Arms were granted 2 August 1712 to Rev’d John Penneck (son of John of Tregimba), the Rector of St. Ewe, Corwall and to his brothers William of Exeter, Francis of helstone and Charles of Tregimba.

The Clutterbuck Arms above differs from those listed in Burke’s General Armory by having the lion facing to sinister.

18th Century Arms – Earl of Holderness

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Earl of Holderness

Arms: Quarterly 1st Azure three cinquefoils between semee of cross-crosslets Argent (Darcy)
2nd Azure three bars gemel Or and a chief of the last (Meynell)
3rd Azure a maunch ermine (conyers)
4th Gules on a saltire Argent a mullet of five points (Neville)

Crest: A spear broken in three pieces Or two in saltire the other in pale headed proper banded together at the middle by a ribbon Gules.

Supporters: Dexter a tiger Argent maned and tusked Or Sinister a bull Sable armed and maned Or. [Differs from the illustrations.]

Motto: Un Dieu Un Roi

Conyers Darcy, 1st Earl of Holderness, 2nd Baron Darcy of Meinhill, 8th Baron Darcy de Knayth and 5th Baron Conyers (24 January 1598/1599-14 June 1689) was created Earl of Holderness in 1682.

Image courtesy of Richard Lichten

4 June 2011

Hatchment – Edward Langford of Trungle

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(Going through some holiday “snaps” I found some heraldic items I had overlooked from a holiday a couple of years ago in Cornwall):


Edward Langford of Trungle b.1730 d.1781

In the Parish Church of Paul in Cornwall there is the Hatchment of Edward Langford.  He married Elizabeth,  daughter of Frederick Dansey Esq. of Plymouth Dock, Devon.

The hatchment:

Paly of six Argent and Gules on a chief Azure a lion passant guardant Or (Langford).


Per pale Argent and Or a fesse nebulee Gules between three lions’ heads erased of the last (Dansey)

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