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28 May 2011

18th Century Arms – Earl of Rochford

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Earl of Rochford

Arms: Quarterly 1st Azure semee of billets a lion rampant  Or (for Nassau)
2nd Or a lion rampant guardant Gules crowned Azure (for Dietz)
3rd Gules a fess Argent (for Vianden) [Illustration has Argent a fess Gules]
4th Gules two lions passant guardant in pale Or (for Catznellogen)
overall an escutcheon Gules three zules Argent [normally displayed with a label of three points in chief]  (for Zuylestein).

Crest: In a ducal coronet Or a pair of buck’s horns Gules
Supporters: Two lions erminois ducally crowned Azure.
Motto: Spes Durat Avorum

William Nassau de Zuylestein, one of the most trusted companions of his kinsman  William of Orange, was created Earl of Rochford and Viscount Tunbridge   in 1695  (both in the Peerage of England).   He was succeeded by his son William, the second Earl, who was killed at the Battle of Almenar, and then by another son, Frederick, the third Earl. Frederick’s son, William Henry, the 4th Earl, was a diplomat and a statesman. Having gained experience as envoy at Turin from 1749 to 1753, he was Ambassador to Madrid from 1763 to 1766 and to Paris from 1766 to 1768. From 1768 to 1775 he was one of the secretaries of state. He left no children when he died on 28 September 1781, and was succeeded by his nephew, William Henry, the 5th Earl. The titles became extinct on the latter’s death in September 1830.


Image courtesy of Richard Lichten

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