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28 May 2011

18th Century Arms – Earl of Rochford

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Earl of Rochford

Arms: Quarterly 1st Azure semee of billets a lion rampant  Or (for Nassau)
2nd Or a lion rampant guardant Gules crowned Azure (for Dietz)
3rd Gules a fess Argent (for Vianden) [Illustration has Argent a fess Gules]
4th Gules two lions passant guardant in pale Or (for Catznellogen)
overall an escutcheon Gules three zules Argent [normally displayed with a label of three points in chief]  (for Zuylestein).

Crest: In a ducal coronet Or a pair of buck’s horns Gules
Supporters: Two lions erminois ducally crowned Azure.
Motto: Spes Durat Avorum

William Nassau de Zuylestein, one of the most trusted companions of his kinsman  William of Orange, was created Earl of Rochford and Viscount Tunbridge   in 1695  (both in the Peerage of England).   He was succeeded by his son William, the second Earl, who was killed at the Battle of Almenar, and then by another son, Frederick, the third Earl. Frederick’s son, William Henry, the 4th Earl, was a diplomat and a statesman. Having gained experience as envoy at Turin from 1749 to 1753, he was Ambassador to Madrid from 1763 to 1766 and to Paris from 1766 to 1768. From 1768 to 1775 he was one of the secretaries of state. He left no children when he died on 28 September 1781, and was succeeded by his nephew, William Henry, the 5th Earl. The titles became extinct on the latter’s death in September 1830.


Image courtesy of Richard Lichten

24 May 2011

18th Century Arms – Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer

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Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer

Arms: Or a bend cottised Sable.

Crest: A castle Argent tripled towered with a demi-lion Gules issuing out of the middle tower.

Supporters:  Two angles proper the habit and wings displayed Or.

Motto: Virtute et Fide.

Robert Harley was created Baron of Wigmore, Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer by Letters Patent in 1711, with a special remainder, failing heirs male of his body, to those of his grandfather, Sir Robert Harley KB.  Robert died in 1724 and his only son, Edward, died in 1741 without male issue when the titles passed to a cousin.  The titles became extinct in 1853 following the death of the 6th Earl.


Image courtesy of Richard Lichten

23 May 2011

18th Century Arms – Viscount Hatton

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Viscount Hatton

Arms: Azure a chevron between three garbs Or.

Crest: A hind at gaze Or

Supporters: Two horses Argent bridled Sable

Motto: Virtus Tutissima Cassis

Christopher Hatton, 2nd Baron Hatton of Kirby, was created Viscount Hatton of Gretton in 1682. The title was inherited by his eldest son and then by his youngest son. The title became extinct in 1762 on the death of the latter.

Image courtesy of Richard Lichten

22 May 2011

18th Century Arms – Baroness & Countess of Yarmouth

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Baroness & Countess of Yarmouth

Arms: Or three morions per pale Argent and Azure banded Gules.

Supporters: Dexter: A lion guardant Or gorged with a double tressure flory counterflory, Sinister: A lion guardant Azure gorged with the same tressure Or. [Supporters granted 10 May 1740 by John Anstis, Garter]

Amelia Sophia de Walmoden, Mistress of King George II, was created Countess of Yarmouth for life in 1740.  She was the last Royal mistress to be so honoured.  She died in 1765.

Image courtesy of Richard Lichten

21 May 2011

18th Century Arms – Duke of Dover

Duke of Dover

Arms: Quarterly 1st and 4th Argent a human heart Gules imperially crowned proper on a chief Azure three mullets of the field (for Douglas) 2nd & 3rd Azure a bend between six crosslets fitchy Or (for Earldom of Mar) all within a bordure Or charged with a double tressure flory-counter-flory Gules.

Crest: A human heart Gules ensigned with an imperial crown between two wings Or.

Supporters: On each side a Pegasus Argent winged maned and hoofed Or.

Motto: Forward.

The Dukedom was created in 1708 in the Peerage of Great Britain for James Douglas (1672-1711), 2nd Duke of Queensberry  (Peerage of Scotland).  The Dukedom expired in 1788  on the death of the 2nd Duke, Charles Douglas (1698-1788) 3rd Duke of Queensberry.

Image courtesy of Richard Lichten

19 May 2011

Buchanan of Dunburgh – Livery Button

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Currently on sale at eBay but listed as unknown (ends 23rd May – vendor brownlow3997);

Buchanan of Dunburgh

Arms—Or a lion rampant Sable between two otters’ heads erased in chief proper and a cinquefoil in base of the second all within the Royal tressure of the last.

CrestAn armed dexter hand holding a cap of dignity purpure facing ermine.

Supporters-Dexter, a falcon wings elevated and addorsed proper belled beaked and charged on the breast with two branches of laurel conjoined Or; Sinister a gryphon Sable charged in like manner with two branches of laurel.

Motto-Nunguam victus (‘Never conquered’).

Impaling (my thanks to Arthur Radburn)

Sable two bars ermine in chief three crosses patty (Bathurst)

The sinister Arms do not seem to match any that I could find associated with the maiden names of baronets’ wives.  However, with the Bathurst connection it seems to be the son of:

1st Baronet: The Rt Hon Sir Andrew Buchanan GCB (1807-1882). Created Baronet in 1878.  He married firstly 4 April 1839, Frances Katharine Mellish (she died in 1857).  He married secondly 27 May 1857, Hon. Georgina Elizabeth Stuart (d. 21 March 1904), daughter of 11th Lord Blantyre.

4th son: Rt Hon Sir George William (Rt Hon Sir), P.C. (1910), G.C.B. (1915), G.C.M.G. (1913), G.C.V.O. (1909), (b.1854 d.1924) Maried Lady Georgina Meriel Bathurst, daughter of the 6th Earl Bathurst .

Sir George, as a Grand Cross, would have been entitled to suppporters.  However, I am puzzled by the small escutcheon in the dexter chief.  I took that to be the insignia of a baronet.  An error by the button maker perhaps?

17 May 2011

Tighe of Woodstock – Bookplate

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A recent sale at eBay caught my eye, the bookplate of Edward Tighe of Woodstock:

The blazon:


1st Per chevron embattled Argent and Sable nine crosses crosslets five in chief and four in base counterchanged (Tighe)

2nd Ermine a chevron Gules between two eagles displayed in chief Azure armed Or and a mullet in base of the second. (Fownes)

3rd Gules three lucies hauriant (Gahan)

4th Argent on a bend [Sable] three chess rooks of the field (Bunbury)


Ermine on a bend between two unicorns’ heads Azure three lozenges Or (Smyth)

Edward Kenrick Tighe (1862-1917) married Viola Lilian Henriette, daughter of of Edward Skeffington Randal Smyth of Mount Henry, Queen’s County, Ireland.

The quarters were “acquired” from:

Fownes:  From Edward’s great, great grandmother Sarah Fownes, daughter and heiress of the Rt Hon Sir William Fownes 2nd & last Baronet, who married William Tighe (1738-1782).

Bunbury: In 1872 Edward’s grandfather, Daniel Tighe, assume the additional Name and Arms of Bunbury by Royal License.  Daniel’s mother was Marianne Grahan and her mother was Hannah Bunbury, sister and co-heiress of Matthew Bunbury of Kilfeacle, Tipperary.

3rd Quarter: These Arms seem to be for Lucy but I have been unable to find any family connections with Tighe.  However, the bookplate for the Rt Hon William Frederick Fownes Tighe (Edward’s great uncle)  is recorded as including quarters for Borr, Fownes, Sweet, Grahan and Bunbury.  Update: Anthony Pincott kindly sent me a copy of W F F Tighe’s bookplate which has the “fish” in the Gahan quarter.

Bookplate image courtesy of the vendor, london3621

12 May 2011

Errington of Cotton Hall – Bookplate

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I was asked if I could assist in the identification of the owner of this bookplate:


Arms : Argent two bars in chief three escallops Azure.

Crest: A unicorn’s head erased per pale Argent and Gules.

Motto:  Patria Cara Carior Libertas



1st Gules a fess between six martlets Argent (Crooke) *

2nd Quarterly Gules and Or in the first and 4th quarter a cross patonce Argent (Crosse)

3rd Per chevron Sable and Argent in chief two leopard faces (?-tba)

4th Azure a lion rampant (?-tba)

The most likely candidate is George Henry Errington (b.1777 d.1843) of Cotton Hall, North Stafffordshire.  He married Elizabeth Sophia, daughter of John Crosse Crooke of Kempshot Park.

George Henry was the son of George Errington of Chadwell Hall and Ashbourn, co. Derby.

Bookplate image courtesy of the Anthony Pincott

* My thanks to Charles Ross who pointed me in the right direction.

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