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12 February 2011

George William Marshall – Bookplate

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The bookplate of George William Marshall (1839-1905) is currently being listed at eBay.  In 1887 he was appointed Rouge Croix Pursuivant of Arms and in 1904 was promoted to be York Herald.

Marshall’s Grant of Arms was dated 2nd April 1867 to both his descendants and those of his uncle, William Marshall.

The blazon:
Arms: Barry of six Ermine and Azure a horseshoe Or between three bezants.
Crest: A bezant charged with a horseshoe Azure between two wings barry of six ermine and azure.
Motto: “Vi Martiali”

Incidentally, the engraving of the bookplate seems identical to that in various editions of Fox-Davies’ Armorial Families.  His children & grandchildren are listed in 1929 as:

1. George Marshall b.1869 m.1898 Constance Marion Baldwin
1.1. George Humphrey Marshall b.1900
1.2. Malcolm Thomas Marshall b.1906
1.3. Christopher Marshall b.1907
1.4. Contance Alice Marshall
2. Rev William Marshall b.1875 m.1912 Margaret Anne Burlton
2.1. Richard Ambrose Marshall b.1920
2.2. Ethel Margaret Marshall
2.3. Joan Elizabeth Marshall
2.4. Physllis Ruth Marshall
2.5. Josephine Penelope Anne Marshall
3. Philip Twells Marshall b.1880 m.1911 Dorothy Jean Lawrie
3.1. Kenneth Philip Marshall b.1912
3.2. Philippa Marshall
4. Thomas Marshall b.1882 m.1921 Margery Leacroft

Bookplate image courtesy of the vendor, london3621

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