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30 January 2011

Harry Sneyd-Kynnersley – Bookplate

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The bookplate of Harry Sneyd-Kynnersley:

Quarterly 1st & 4th Azure a lion rampant Argent within an orle of cross crosslet of the second on a canton a mullet (Kynnersley); 2nd & 3rd Argent a scythe the blade in chief [the sned or handle in bend sinister]* Sable on the fesse point a fleur-de-lis of the second (Sneyd);
On an escutcheon of pretence in respect of his wife, Laura Emma Chamberlain Todd,

Quarterly 1st Or on a bend per bend Gules and Azure cotised Sable between two roundles per pale of the third and second three foxes’ heads couped of the field (Todd); 2nd Argent on a cross Sable a leopard’s face Or (Brydges); 3rd Argent a lion rampant Gules between three pheons Sable (Egerton); 4th Quarterly i & iv Modern France ii & iii England (Royal Arms).

Harry Craven Sneyd-Kynnersley (b.1865 d.1940) was the third son of Clement Thomas Sneyd-Kynnersley (b.1833 d.1876).  He married Laura Emma Chamberlain Todd in 1894 (divorced).  He married his second wife, Laura Beatrice Williams in 1924.

*The “usual” blazon for Sneyd is with the handle in bend sinister, yet the bookplate it is displayed palewise.  The 1929 edition of Armorial Families has an entry for Sneyd-Kynnersley with the handle in bend sinister.  However, the Arms of Kynnersley are displayed and given as “Azure semee of cross crosslets a lion rampant Argent.”

Armorial Families - 1929

Bookplate image courtesy of the vendor, london3621

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