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7 August 2009

Borrowed Arms?

Filed under: People — Stephen J F Plowman @ 09:21

I have been researching Plowman family genealogy and heraldry on and off for some years now. Back in 1989 I had a search of their records by the College of Arms the result of which can be seen HERE. Recently I have been pondering various Arms listed in Burke’s General Armory (BGA) that do not appear in the records of the College of Arms. The one “used” by the multitude of heraldic bucket shop is “Vert a cross voided Argent.” I recalled that in 2001 a post at Genforum advised that there was a monument to John Bellamy Plowman in St Paul’s Church, Covent Garden, London. Was this perhaps the source of the entry in BGA?

On Thursday 6th August 2009 James Drabble very kindly undertook a visit to the church on my behalf. He provided some photographs of the monument.

Unfortunately, the Arms displayed bear no resemblance to anything associated with the name Plowman.

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