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21 May 2009

Hatchments in Movies/Films

Filed under: People — Stephen J F Plowman @ 08:36

A couple of years ago I was watching the film Nanny McPhee with my children. To my delight and their horror I spotted some hatchments. Initially I did a lot of stop & freeze frame on my TV to try to put together a blazon. A year later I found the hatchment listed in Volume 10 of the Hatchments in Britain series in the Miscellaneous section – location unknown.

A year further on again, thanks to my eldest son, I have been able to capture a screenshot from my PC of the hatchment in question;


Blazon from Hatchments in Britain;

Barry of eight ermine and azure three annulets Or (Harries)

In pretence Quarterly of Six 1st & 6th Vert three eagles close Argent (Smithman)
2nd Chequy Argent and Sable
3rd Argent a chevron Gules between three chapeaux gules turned up ermine
4th Gules a talbot passant Argent (Comberford)
5th Azure a lion rampant an orle of fleur-de-lis Or (Beaumont)


Edited to add my own attempt at an enblazonment;

Hatchment Harries

Hatchment Harries


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