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14 February 2008

YARKER of Leyburn and YARKER of Ulverston

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John Yarker of Leyburn obtained a grant/confirmation by the College of Arms in respect of his grandfather Luke Yarker in 1758.

Yarker Arms

Gules on a chevron between three unicorns passant Or as many human hearts of the field.

Online Armorial



Grantees of Arms 1758 Vol X fol 145

Blazon: BGA

Burke’s Heraldic Illustrations (1845) notes the Arms of two branches of the Yarker family;

Senior line;

Rev Luke Yarker, Vicar of Chillingham;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Gules on a chevron between three unicorns passant Or as many human hearts of the field (for Yarker) 2nd & 3rd Argent a chevron Vert between three bugle horns Sable stringed Or (for Forster).

Upon which is born an escutcheon of pretence in right of his wife;

Quarterly 1st & 8th Argent three horse shoes Sable (for South) 2nd Gules on a bend Argent three swans proper (for Clarke) 3rd Argent a cross of lozenges Vert overall a bend chequy ermine and Azure (for Braddyll) 4th Or a lion passant Sable on a chief Sable a trefoil of the field (for Rishton) 5th Azure in chief two stars in point a crescent Or (For Dodding) 6th Or a fesse dancette between three crosses crosslet fitchee Gules (for Sandys) 7th Party per fess Gules and Azure a castle counterchanged (for Rawson).

Junior line:

Joseph Yarker, Collector of HM Customs as Ulverston;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Gules on a chevron between three unicorns passant Or as many human hearts of the field (for Yarker) 2nd & 3rd Azure six lioncels rampant Argent three two and one (for Leybourne).

Upon which is born an escutcheon of pretence in right of his wife;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Barry of ten Or and Sable overall a bend Gules (for Barker) 2nd Barry of twelve Argent and Azure overall three lions rampant Gules (for Woodburne) 3rd quarterly Argent and ermines in the first quarter a fleur-de-lis Gules (for Letham) and in a canton quarterly i &iv Sable on a fess engrailed Or between three squirrels sejeant Argent each holding a marigold slipped proper as many roundels barry of six Argent and Azure (for Smith) ii & iii Argent on a bend Azure three bucks’ heads caboshed Or (for Stanley).

Note: From the family details below, it appears that the both the lines listed above, with their wives’ escutcheons of pretence, have expired. However, the descendants of Joseph Yarkers siblings can use the Leybourne quarterings.

Family details (not necessarily complete);


1. William Yarker d.1663

a. Luke Yarker b.1652 m. 1690 (Margaret Butterfield) d.1706

i. Luke Yarker b.1699 m.1726 (Elizabeth Buckle)

1. John Yarker m.1752 (Alice Forster*) d.1813

a. Rev Luke Yarker b.1753 m.1777 (Elizabeth Robinson) d.1803

i. Rev Luke Yarker b.1786 m.1818 (Mary Beata South*) d.1849

1. Luke Henry Yarker b.1824 d.unm
2. Reginald Yarker d.1849 dsp
3. Henry John Forster Yarker b.1836 d.1888 dsp
4. Charles Braddyll Yarker b.1838 m.1891 (Arabella Robinson) d.1903 dsp?
5. Mary Ann Yarker m.1848 (Rev James Hill)
6. Sarah Emily Yarker m.1845 (Rev John Woodham Dunn)
7. Eliza Henrietta Yarker
8. Sophia Jane Yarker
9. Frances Beata Yarker

ii. Eliza b.1778 d.1838
iii. Anne m. (Richard Hill) d.1815

1. Rev John Richard Hill
2. Eliza

b. Anne b.1775 d.1818

2. Luke Yarker
3. Francis Yarker
4. Samuel Yarker

ii. John Yarker d.1767

1. John Yarker
2. William Luke Yarker d.1802
3. Margaret Yarker
4. Jane Yarker

iii. Elizabeth Yarker
iv. Anna Yarker
v. Susanna Yarker

b. Anthony Yarker

i. John Yarker b.1681 m.(Anne Leyburn*)

1. John Yarker b.1704

a. Robert Yarker b.1728 m. (Sarah Harris) d.1799

i. Henry Yarker b.1760 m. (Elizabeth Greene) d.1826

1. William Yarker b.1789 m. (Ann)
2. Leyburn Yarker b.1797 d.unm
3. Joseph Yarker b.1794
4. Henry Harris Yarker b.1804
5. Sarah Yarker b.1787
6. Mary Yarker b.1798 m.1822 (Rev John Charles Barkley) had issue
7. Anne Yarker b.1801

ii. Joseph Yarker b.1762 m.1802 (Margaret Smith*) d.1842

1. Robert Francis Yarker b.1804 d.1870
2. Joseph Smith Stanley Yarker d.unm
3. John Henry Yarker d.unm 1837
4. Sarah Jane Yarker
5. Anne Yarker
6. Margaret Agnes Yarker m.1850 (Rev Stephen Hnery Gaisford) had issue
7. Eliza Louisa Yarker m.1840 (John Edwards Laffer) dsp 1852

iii. William Yarker dsp
iv. Captain Robert Yarker RN m.1809 (Louisa Eynesford) dsp
v. John Yarker b.1771 m. (Elizabeth Kendal) d.1822

1. Rev Robert Yarker b.1799 m. (Louisa) d.1853
2. Rev John Yarker b.1816 m.1845? (Charlotte Wheeler?)

a. Montague Mangle Yarker b.1856
b. John R Yarker b.1862
c. Alice Frances Yarker b.1859

3. Eleanor Yarker
4. Anna Maria Yarker
5. Louisa Yarker

c. Reinhold

* Heraldic Heiress

YARKER Armorial 

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