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19 December 2007

Ashcroft Arms

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James Ashcroft of Grange House, Oakhill Park, West Derby, co. Lancs

Quarterly per fesse indented Or and Vert four ash branches slipped leaved and fructed all counterchanged.


a ) Grantees of Arm: 1880 Vol. LXI fol. 73

b) Blazon: BGA

Family details (not necessarily complete);

1. James Ashcroft b.1844 m. Mabel d.1891

1.1. Lillian Mabel Ashcroft b.1873

1.2. Lancelot Ashcroft b.1877

1.3. Arthur George Ashcroft b.1880

1.4. Amy Louisa Ashcroft b. 1881

1.5. Lionel L Ashcroft b.1883



18 December 2007

Abbey Arms

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Henry Abbey JP, brewer, sometime Mayor of Brighton was granted Arms;


Gules on a fess Or between three lozenges in chief and a lymphad oars in action and sails furled in base all Argent, a swallow volant of the field




Grantees of Arms: Vol LXXI

Armorial Families 1902


The Arms of his grandson, Lt Noel Roland Abbey Grenadier Guards, appear in a memorial to his memory in Chichester Cathedral;


Quarterly, 1st & 4th Gules on a fess Or between three lozenges in chief and a lymphad oars in action and sails furled in base all Argent, a swallow volant of the field (for Abbey) 2nd & 3rd Paly Or and Gules a chief vair (for Belcher).

Photograph Copyright S J F Plowman

Family details;

1. Henry Abbey b.1816 m.1859 Fanny Taylor (d.1912) d.1911

1.1. Fanny Abbey b.1860

1.2. William Henry Abbey b.1864 m.1888 Florence Belcher d.1943

1.2.1. Maj John Roland Abbey b.1895 m.1921 Lady Ursula Helen Cairns d.1969 Hermione Abbey b.1925 m.1948 John Somerville Kendall Oram Miranda Juliet Oram; b 1962. m.1988 Henry G C A Pembroke (Earl of Pembroke) Juliet Pembroke b.1989 Mary Pembroke b.1991 Ella Pembroke b.1997 Jean Abbey b.1936

1.2.2. Lt Noel Roland Abbey b.1898 d.1918 (KIA)

1.2.3. William Henry R Abbey b.1902 d.1937 unm.

1.3. Florence Emily Abbey b.1867 m.1899 Colin Carlton Piercy (d.1944)

1.4. Katherine Mary Abbey b.1870 d.1963

1.5. Henry Robert Burrows Abbey b.1872 m.1896 Eleanor Maude Lake d.1949

1.5.1. Constance Maude Abbey b.1897

1.5.2. Sylvia Wyneth Abbey b.1907

1.5.3. Iris


Times Archive

London Gazette


It would appear that the male line has died out. I think that would make Juliet ( & Gloria ( the heraldic heiresses. If Juliet’s husband was armigerous (under English rules) her father’s Arms would be quartered by her daughter Miranda ( Miranda, as an only child, could then probably then pass on the quartered Arms to her children with the Earl of Pembroke (she is his second wife and he has a son by the first marriage). However, if John Oram was not armigerous I’m not sure whether the quartering grinds to a total halt or is held in abeyance until there is an armigerous spouse.

17 December 2007

Gatehouse Arms

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Of Chichester, co. Sussex

Per fesse Azure and Gules in chief seven mullets four and three Argent and in base on a mount an embattled gateway with portcullis all proper.


A)1883 vol. LXII fol.48


C)Armorial Families 1902

Family details;

George Gatehouse JP b.1836 m.1864 Fanny Mason d.1912

  1. George Gatehouse b.1865 d.1949
    1. Lt Col George John William Gatehouse b.1892 d.1966? m. Dorothy Margaret Eales
      1. Georgina Daphne Gatehouse b.1919 m. Brig Calton Wallis Griffin MC DL b.1914 d.1990
        1. Maj Michael Charles Calton Griffin b.1953 m.1981 Pamela E Robinson – has issue
      2. George Edward Francis Gatehouse b.1925 d.2010 (dsp)
    2. Brig Richard Percival Gatehouse MC RA b.1894 m.1916 (div.1935) Cicely Norton Clowes
      1. Major Richard Norton Bingham Gatehouse b.1918. d.1982 m.1946 Penelope Ann Belfield
        1. Richard F B Gatehouse b.1947 m.1969 Rosemary E Blakeway
          1. John Christopher L Gatehouse b.1977
        2. Mark A V Gatehouse b.1949 m.1971 Patricia A Holmes
          1. Leon Mark Gatehouse b.1973
          2. Polly Anna Gatehouse b.1976
          3. Dale Sebastian Gatehouse b.1987
        3. Edmund N M Gatehouse b.1951 m.1985 Gillian Stokes
        4. Luke A L Gatehouse b.1959 m.1988 Katherine E Bowditch
          1. Charlotte Cicely Gatehouse b.1989
          2. Rebecca Katherine Gatehouse b.1991
          3. Phillippa Ann Gatehouse b.1996
          4. Dulcie Penelope Gatehouse b.2001
      2. Marian Gatehouse b.1920 m.1941 Gerald Rawson Coldstream
        1. John Richard Francis Coldstream b.1947
    3. Maj Gen Alexander Hugh Gatehouse DSO MC b.1895 m.1920 Helen Cowie (nee Williams) d.1964
      1. Sir Robert Alexander Gatehouse QC b.1924 m.1951 Henrietta Swann m.1966 Pamela Fawcett d.2002
  2. Margaret Gatehouse b.1867 m.1889
  3. Beatrice May Gatehouse b.1868
  4. Reginald Gatehouse b.1870
  5. Hugh Gatehouse MA b.1872 d.1949
  6. Capt Richard Francis Gatehouse b.1875 m.1913 Evelyn May Gardom KIA 1914

Richard Gatehouse was Mentioned in Despatches during the Boer War.
Genealogical details from:

Times Archive

London Gazette


Commonwealth War Graves Commission Online

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14 December 2007

Unthank Arms

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Arms were granted to Unthank of Intwood Hall, Norfolk in 1863 – Vol. LV fol. 68

Or a saltire Gules beween two crescents in pale of the last and as many gryphons’ heads erased in fess Sable.

The grantee was most likely to be Clement William Unthank JP, DL. He married in 1835 Mary Anne Muskett the only daughter and heir to Joseph Salisbury Muskett of Intwood Hall. Joseph Muskett died in 1860. No doubt the inheritance of the estate of over 2,400 acres prompted Clement Unthank to petition for a grant of Arms. Clement died in 1884 aged about 79.

His immediate descendants;

  1. Lt-Col Clement William Joseph Unthank b.1847 m.1873 Judith Sarah Onley d.1936
    1. Lt Clement William Onley Unthank b.1874 d.1900 at Lucknow
    2. John Salusbury Unthank b.1875 m.1909 d.1959
      1. Margaret Beatrice Unthank b.1910 d.1995
    3. Judith Marian Unthank b.1876
    4. Maria Janet Unthank b.1877
    5. Ralph Arthur Unthank b.1880
    6. Marjory E Unthank b.1881
    7. Ursula Clementine Unthank b.1886
    8. Dorothy Mary Unthank b.1888 m.1928 William Edward van Cutsem
    9. Cicely May Unthank b.1889
    10. Amy Violet Unthank b.1893 m.1916 John H Leche (tbc)
  2. John Unthank b.1849
  3. Mary Anne Clementine Unthank b.1843
  4. Elizabeth Salisbury Unthank b.1845

Given that Mary Anne Muskett was also a heraldic heiress, her children could quarter her Arms with those of their father;

Quarterly 1st & 4th Or a saltire Gules beween two crescents in pale of the last and as many gryphons’ heads erased in fess Sable (for Unthank) 2nd & 3rd Argent two bars between six lions’ heads caboshed Gules (for Muskett).

The Intwood estate was inherited by Miss Margaret Beatrice Unthank from her father, John Salusbury Unthank, in 1960. When she died in 1995, her cousin, Mrs. Jan Darling and family continue to live at Intwood Hall. It would appear that the Hall has be subsequently sold – http://www.ckd.co.uk/intwood.html .

Thrupp Arms

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Next potential small project;

From the BGA & Grantees of Arms


John Augustus THRUPP of Spanish Place, London

Arms: Ermine a cross couped flory Gules on a chief Azure three bees Volant Or


1828 Vol. XXXVII fol. 55


A certain online “bucket shop” list Thrupp as a variation of Thorp(e) and displays the Arms of the first Thorp listed in BGA as the Arms of Thrupp.

Other details of John Augustus Thrupp;


Married: c.1816 Caroline Esther Cutmore

Died: 1844 – Hendon

Descendants (not complete);

   I.      John THRUPP b.1817

 II.      Caroline THRUPP  b.1818

III.      Augustus THRUPP b.1819 d.1819-1823

IV.      Julia THRUPP b.1820

V.      Henrietta THRUPP b.1821

 VI.      Augustus THRUPP b.1823

VII.      Rev Horace William THRUPP b.1824 m.1847 Georgina Theresa Pyle d.1906

a.       Cyril John Thrupp b.1849

b.      Evelyn Georgina Thrupp b.1850

c.       Horace Vaughan Thrupp b.1851 m.1879 Laura Bennett

d.      William Thrupp b.1852 m.1876 Elizabeth Letitia Edwards d.1884

                                                             i.      Harold F. Thrupp b.1878

                                                            ii.      Arthur E. Thrupp b. 1879

                                                          iii.      Adeline Marion. Thrupp b.1880

 VIII.      Emma THRUPP b.1826

 IX.      Walter THRUPP b.1827

 X.      Cyril John THRUPP b.1829?

13 December 2007

Packer Arms – A False Start?

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I was looking to do a “quick” armorial and thought I would investigate the name Packer. Unfortunately, my normal first two point of reference, Burke’s General Armory & the Harleian Society’s Grantees of Arms, were not too productive (see below):

BGA & Grantees of Arms

At a whim I thought I would try to identify C R Packer, a grantee of Arms in 1888. The details gleaned from a variety of sources are:

Charles Rose Packer was born in 1864 in Streatham, London. The eldest son of Charles Packer, a jeweller, of Kilravock House. He was baptised 15 April 1864 at St James’, Westminster. His mother was Elizabeth Farr Rose (daughter of William Farr Rose and Elizabeth Gold). Elizabeth died in 1870 aged about 37. His father died in 1881 aged about 71.

His immediate family was:

Brother: George Cowper Rose Packer b. 1866 d.1891 unmarried Link to entry in the London Gazette

Sister: Maria Emma Rose Packer b.1869

Cousin: Mary Ann Packer b.1844 (The 1891 Census shows Mary & Maria living at Kilravock House.)

The 1891 Census has Charles residing in New Buckenham, Norfolk and listed as “Living on own means”. The household staff consisted of a housekeeper, a secretary, a butler, a housemaid and a cook. The census return records him as being married but I have been unable to find any marriage details or identify his wife.


Charles died 15th October 1897 at Hollington House, Hollington, Sussex. It would appear that he had sold his New Buckenham property. The executors for his estate were Frederick William Everett, gentleman (his secretary in the 1891 census), and George Stevens, solicitor. Link to entry in the London Gazette


Next step: There are few more references I have to look into to see if I can locate details of Charles’ blazon. If time permits I will try to see if his sister, Maria, married. She could be a possible heraldic heiress if Charles’ grant included descendants of his father.



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